Film: 3543

Feature Comedy | 1920 | Silent | B/W


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Part one. Titles announce Walter's only holiday of the year. See hands roughly packing a case. Fades into full shot of woman. Man (Walter) enters wearing comic headgear and carrying a bundle of clothes, which he drops on the floor. He tries to leave the room on three occasions, each time he trips over a stool and returns to finish a conversation with the woman (assumed to be his wife). He impatiently begins to re-pack the suitcase. She examines her wristwatch and reminds him that their boat is leaving soon. He flings most of the items out of the case, she removes his hat and he smiles proudly. He then appears to have lost their tickets and in searching for them, pulls more clothes out of the case. He examines a waistcoat which has a hole in the pocket, and then appears to have a flash of inspiration - the tickets are in his office. The wife is now wearing his first hat, and Walter has picked up a straw boater. He runs from the room, while his wife begins to re-pack the suitcase. Cut to the street. They arrange to meet at the pier. Walter steps into the back of a slow-moving car (probably a taxi). Cut to The Boss, a severe looking man seated at a desk and examining papers. He makes a telephone call and arranges to meet a young lady (assumed to be his girlfriend) at the pier. Walter runs into the office where two colleagues are seated at desks either side of the room. Walter begins a frantic search of his desk, scattering papers all about. He locates the tickets and holds them up jubilantly. As he is leaving, The Boss enters and calls Walter over. The Boss informs Walter that his day off has been cancelled. Walter's face falls. An angry exchange results in Walter removing his hat and returning to his desk. The Boss leaves. Walter puts on his hat and walks out. He bumps into The Boss in the corridor and hurries back to his desk. The Boss returns to his office and Walter creeps out. Again he bumps into The Boss and this time picks up a wastepaper basket into which he throws his hat. Walter returns to his desk on which he places the bin. He looks dejected. Cut to the pier. Walter's wife looks around anxiously. Cut back to Walter, speaking to a colleague. They shake on a deal which will enable Walter to leave work. The colleague then produces two children from an ante-room. Walter must take them with him. He is now carrying the little girl. He appears disgruntled. The colleague ushers all three out, looking pleased. Walter looks worried. Cut to the street. Walter helps the boy tie his shoelaces and deposits the girl in a nearby stationary pram, which is almost immediately pushed away. Walter is oblivious to this. Walter notices that the girl is missing and pursues the pram. He finds it and picks up the girl. The owner of the pram looks shocked and chases him. They tussle over the girl. Walter wins and they all board a waiting car. Cut to wife looking worriedly at her wristwatch. Steam clears to reveal boat. Boss hurries up to his girlfriend and they board the boat. Walter and the children run up to the wife. The boat is shown to be whistling to indicate departure and the four run on board. They sit on deck. Walter's wife expresses a worry about his Boss finding out. Walter reassures her that The Boss is away on business. The Boss and his Girlfriend sit next to Walter. A look of realisation crosses Walter's face. He leans over the railing, it is suggested that he is either being sick, or pretending to. The Boss leaves, disgusted. He and his partner find a new seat. Walter explains to his Wife about the children. He shows her the address and it is blown out of his hand. The paper lands on his Boss. Walter creeps over and attempts to grab the paper. It blows away again and he trips. Shot of his face with bow-tie as moustache. The Boss seems not to recognise him. The paper is lost over the side of the boat. Walter is joined by his Wife and the children. She complains that they will have to look after the children all day. Caption- they have arrived at "Limpet-On-Sea". Long shot of beach - lots of activity. Beach hut - long stream of young women in bathing costumes emerge. They cartwheel and dance. The Boss and his Girlfriend arrive. She waves at the women. The two go into seperate huts. The group of women play leapfrog and run into the sea. Walter and the children, still in their street clothes, are paddling in the sea. His Wife is seated under an umbrella and beckons Walter to join her. He sits and dries his feet. The boy finds a crab and chases the girl along the water's edge. Walter is intent on putting his shoes on and does not notice. The girl and boy run into the moat of a sandcastle built by other children. Walter finds that one of his feet has no shoe and realises that he has put it onto the foot of a partially buried man, seated behind him. The man wakes and walks away. Walter follows him and asks for his shoe. The man does not understand the request so Walter trips him over and begins to take the shoe by force. Cut to girl, sitting in the moat and crying. She is picked up by The Boss's Girlfriend. The group of young women crowd around. Walter approaches them and takes the child. The Boss leaves his hut. He and Walter nearly collide. The Boss joins the group of women. END OF PART ONE.
Part Two. Titles. Walter and Wife sit under a black umbrella. They feed each other. The children play nearby. All look happy. The boy finds a starfish and places it in Walter's sandwich. Walter feeds the sandwich to his Wife and then takes a bite himself. They look shocked and disgusted. The children point and laugh. Behind them, two fully-dressed men run through the seated holiday-makers. The two children play near The Boss's tent. The boy peers through a small gap and urges his sister over. They climb in. Walter's Wife looks worried and goes off to look for them. The Boss and his Girlfriend sit under Walter's umbrella. The boy emerges from the tent wearing The Boss's trousers. Walter is seen leaving a food stall and returning to his sunshade. He does not realise that the outstretched arm he sees belongs to his Boss's Girlfriend and not his Wife. As he goes to hold hands, she moves. Walter reaches under the umbrella and grabs his Boss's foot, apparently mistaking it for a female hand. He smiles and the Boss giggles - concurrent shots of their faces. Walter realises his mistake just as the Boss appears to lose patience with being tickled. The Boss pulls back the sunshade to reveal Walter's shocked face. Walter crawls away. On standing, he upsets a tray of food which a vendor had been carrying, His Wife had been talking to the Vendor. The Boss marches up to the couple and angrily fires Walter. Meanwhile, the children are paddling wearing the Boss and the Girlfriend's clothes. Walter sees and is angry. He carries the girl into the tent. He returns to the boy who is filling the Boss's hat with sand. Walter reprimands him and the boy throws the hat which lands on a sleeping man. The girl re-emerges wearing even more of the Girlfriend's clothes. Walter takes her back into the tent. He carries the girl (now wearing her own clothes) back outside and walks into the Boss who is returning to get changed. Walter makes an excuse and tries to enter the next tent. He is pushed out by a cross, burly woman. The girl has walked away. The girlfriend drags the Boss away. Cut to Walter's wife, having her palm read by a fortune teller. Walter joins her. His palm is examined. He takes his hand back and cleans it. His palm is re-examined. The palmist offers her analysis. The Boss goes into his tent. Walter looks pleased at his fortune. The Boss discovers his wet and dirty clothes and throws them angrily to the floor. The fortune-teller mentions a "dark man- very anxious to meet you". The cutting suggests that this is the Boss and Walter should not be looking quite so happy. The Boss is steadily growing more angry. He marches over to Walter just as the palmist announces that "you're going to have such a surprise". Walter turns and looks shocked. The Boss slaps him to the ground and fires him a second time. Walter uses to advertising signs to make a rude gesture to the Boss. The Boss strikes him again. The Wife and the palmist look on and are distressed. Walter adopts a belligerent posture but is slapped by the Boss. Cut to the young women at the coconut-shy. Cut back to Boss. It becomes apparent that he and Walter are in the path of the coconut-shy balls. The Boss is hit on the head by a ball and falls to the ground, unconscious. Walter struts and flexes like a street-fighting champion. The Boss wakes, more angry than ever. Before he can attack Walter, he is hit on the head again. He slumps down and is hit once more. Walter picks himself up and his Wife rushes over. They leave, arm in arm. Cut to young women running over to the merry-go-round. Others are seen coming down a large slide. Walter is playing a shooting game and has already won many toys which his Wife is barely managing to hold. Walter is showing off and using mirrors for backward shots etc. He continues to win prizes. The children steal a gun and make off. The boy places an apple on the girl's head and tries to shoot at it. He misses and hits Walter's hat. The girl takes a bite of the apple and replaces it on her head. Walter looks round in bemusement. He spies the boy and chases him. The Wife picks up the girl. Cut to the Boss, waking up. He sees his girlfriend on a fairground ride. The boy climbs over a fence and into an empty ride carriage. Walter follows but ends up in the Girlfriend's carriage. The Boss cannot see as a tarpaulin cover obscures his view. The ride stops. Walter helps the Girlfriend from her seat. The Boss turns to see and grabs Walter by the collar. He punches Walter who tumbles onto the steps of a merry-go-round. His outstretched legs knock over a spectator, and then the Boss. Walter jumps onto the ground and lands next to the spectator. He, his companion and the Boss all chase Walter. They run on a moving platform, making little progress. They exit and run over to a set of wooden doors. Each man enters one door. Each one opens the door, looks out and exits. This continues for some time until Walter makes his escape. Two men follow. Walter kicks them to the floor. The Boss is still opening and closing doors. He gives up and paces off. Walter re-enters the fairground, now pursued by only one man. They run up a long staircase. Walter's Wife, carrying her suitcase, looks concerned. Walter and the man shoot down the large slide. Walter lands on his Boss who is knocked into a pile of conveniently placed boxes. The Boss rounds on Walter and fires him a third time. Walter hurries to his Wife who informs him that the boat is departing soon. Walter grabs the children. They had been playing a drum with a clown. Walter hails a taxi. The boy and the Wife are seated safely, but Walter (carrying the girl) does not make it into the car. He runs alongside before falling over as the car rounds a corner. Their luggage has been left behind. Walter puts the girl in a second taxi and goes back for the suitcase. Naturally, the cab drives away. THE END.

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