Film: 355

Social History | 1930 | Silent | B/W + Colour


Formal Family wedding Amateur home movie 1930's

Guests arrive at church down flag- stone lane. Men in Morning suits; women in dresses and hats or dress -suits. Some very interesting and varied fashions. All guests being very smart and individual.
Wedding photographer can be seen in trench coat and portable camera. Amusing moment when a few guests awkwardly have to stop for photographer to take picture of someone off camera.
Two bridesmaids arrive from a car at the end of the lane. They walk towards the camera. They are wearing fabulously busy dresses: floor length ruffled chiffon/silk with bows all the way down the front of the dress. They have classic thirties style fitted head dresses on made out of net/silk. They are holding large bouquets. Their head-dresses blow in the wind. The bride arrives (jump cut and very dark) with her father and some others. She is in a white silk dress and holds a bouquet.

Two photographers wait with some people outside the church. The bride and groom emerge. They stop under the arch of the entrance and are put into position. The bride's train is arranged. The bridesmaids and others assemble for the family photograph. A little girl watches form the side. A boy dressed in white shirt and shorts joins the wedding party. They all make a business of helping the bride to collect her train etc. The bride and groom walk away and guests throw a lot of confetti quite vigorously at the couple who cower under it. They are smiling. This continues until they reach the car.

The cutting of the cake. In colour (purple/mauve tinge)
The bride,groom,bridesmaids and some caterer ladies can be seen next to a long table of food. The bride cuts the cake; the groom joins in. It is not easy. Everyone seems very relaxed.

Very dark footage. The reception in full swing. Over head shots of the bride talking to guests and groups of people mingling. Some one looks at photographs/cards(?) and others crowding in to see.
Guests talking and then saying their goodbyes- kissing each others cheeks.

In colour (intense blue- hard to see clearly). The bride, groom and bridesmaids in a line on steps. People leave, making their way along the line and saying their farewells and congratulations etc. A woman gives a present. A bridesmaid has a drink. The little boy shakes the hand of an older man.

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