Film: 3558

Feature Comedy | 1920 | Silent | B/W


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Walter Forde.
A four piece band plays on the street and wake a grumpy old man in a nearby house. He leans out of the window and pours a jug of water onto the band. An ice cream seller (intertitles refer to him as 'the Merchant Of Venice' and he has a fake moustache - a Jewish stereotype) also gets wet. Walter plays a pianola, or organ grinder. He turns a handle and the instrument plays and people in the street dance. People throw money to Walter but children steal it. Walter chases them and while he is gone another man pretends he owns the organ and gets lots of money from passers by. Policeman turns up and everyone disappears, cop moves Walter along.
Walter walks with his pianola on a cart. He stops by the ice-cream vendor and starts playing. This wakes up the grumpy old man again who throws something out of the window which hits the ice cream vendor. The old man and the vendor both blame Walter and they chase him down the street. Someone comes along and steals Walter's pianola. Walter chases him and they have a fight. While they fight the pianola runs down a hill and crashes into the ice cream cart. The ice cream vendor beats Walter up. Walter finds a can of petrol and decides to blow up the ice cream cart, but instead he blows up his pianola.
Walter returns home to his nagging wife. She makes him wash the dishes and he hangs them on a line like washing. She is furious and tells him to get out and find a job. Walter sees an advertisement for someone to paste bills. He waits to get the job, but a queue forms and he finds he is at the end of it. But in the end he gets the job and makes a mess posting bills on a wall. The debt collectors arrive at Walter's house and his wife has to let them in. A policeman has an argument with Walter after Walter plastered the policeman with paste. Walter's bucket goes flying through the air and lands in the ice cream vendors cart. Walter makes his escape on a bicycle chased by the policeman, the ice cream vendor and his irate customers. Walter tricks them and gets away home, just in time to see the debt collectors leaving with all his possessions. He and his wife see the mob that was chasing Walter coming down the road. Walter and his wife run away to the workhouse.

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