Film: 3559

Feature Drama | 1910 | Silent | B/W


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"In the humble home of Amos Gray dwell faith and love and happiness." A man in a black suit sits at a dining table, two woman in white are busy nearby. "His invention, the labor of a life-time has been accepted by the Bronson Electric Company." The man sits at a desk, fiddling with equipment. "The treasure of his heart - his only child, Violet Gray." A hand, holding a white tea cup moves into the shot, she puts her hand on his shoulder. Amos looks up sinisterly, his face changes when he sees that it's his daughter (Marion Davies) smiling down at him. She pulls up a chair and sits down. He gestures to the cup of tea, she says "What good is the money if the work you do is breaking your health." She smiles at him, he says "The money will give you a chance to go to New York and take up your music.That's always been my great ambition." She looks across at him, smiling. "In the Bronson home rules the power of wealth whose right of way few dare dispute." Ina study two men sit at a card table talking, a third stands watching by the fire. "John Bronson and Harding, his attorney" John talks adamantly. "This fellow Gray has hit the nail on the head! I want all the patents in my name - get me?" He discusses this with his attorney who nods. He looks across to where the third man stands "John Bronson Jr…" He laughs. Violet sits on her fathers knee talking. He says "Still you must go, your mother never had the chance. It would be her wish that you make the most of it." She looks down at him and nods. In the study the three men discuss the situation together. He shakes the hand of John Bronson Jr, saying "Your father tells me that you are going to New York to look after some of his Eastern interests. Well - good luck, young fellah!" The man walks out, leaving the father and son talking together. Amos beams as his daughter plays the piano for him. He closes his eyes and she turns into his wife.

"The master of 'big business' a man of immovable convictions" John Bronson sits at his desk, going over papers. Amos sits at his side. John says "Gray, you're a dreamer. I'm a man of action. Turn this whole matter over to me and I'll go through with it!" John and Amos talk, gesturing. Violet and the housekeeper stand together in the dining room. She is packing a bag. She says "You've got to take such good care of father and write me just how he is and just what he's doing." In the study, John Bronson Jr. wanders in as Amos and his father shake hands. Amos says "Alright Mr. Bronson, I place myself in your hands and trust you impicitly." Amos is introduced to Johns son and they shake hands. Amos bows to them both and leaves. Mr. Bronson says to his son "One of the greatest inventions I ever laid my hands on! It means millions for me and for you!" The boy sits down, asking "Where does that funny old inventor get off? What's his share?" The father replies "Never worry about the other fellows profit until after you've cinched your own. Remember that- it's my gospel!" The son looks over at him, saying - "Well Dad, I may have read another Gospel- something about a fair share of what you produce." In the Grays home, Violet sits waiting at the table with her suitcase. Her father runs in, smiling, saying "It's all settled, Violet! Everything is in Bronsons hands. He's been fine and all our worries are over!" They hug one another, the housekeeper looks on. He looks at his watch and they hurry to pick up her bags. In the study, father and son are arguing.The son says "If there's a fortune in his invention, he's entitled to make money out of it!" The father shouts back "All you've learned is the spending of money. It's the making of it that counts with me, that's my game!" A man walks into the study nervously, showing John Bronson Jr. a piece of paper. He reads it then motions he go. "I hope you'll do better in New York with my business than you have done here picking butlers"

Amos sees Violet off at the station, giving her instructions. She holds his hand and reassures him. She kisses him goodbye and boards the train. He passes her suitcase up to her. He waves sadly as the train pulls out of the station. In his study, John Bronson says farewell to his son, saying "Remember - I want you to be a hundred percent man! Take care of yourself first and treat 'em rough when you have to." The son leaves.
"No thank you I prefer walking. I live right near here." Violet stands with a man in a bare room. He replies "You don't mind my walking with you a bit?" Violet smiles and waits for his return. They stand outside her house, it is dark. They shake hands and he says "Good night Jill" She replies "Good night Jack!" "Violet is increasingly reminded of Jacks interest"

In her bedroom, Violet takes a huge bunch of roses out of a box layed on a table. She smells them and smiles."Jack is ambitious to help 'Jill up the hill'- of her career" Violet sits in a dressing room, powdering her nose in a huge mirror. Jack stands behind her in a diner jacket. He says "Your talents are wasted here! Your appearance at the Art Club will be a stepping stone to greater success." She looks up at him, beaming. A boy rushes into her room to call her and she rises to leave. "Bronson sends his attorney on a mission" He has his hand on the attorneys shoulder. "His letters are evasive. Look him up and see how the boy is getting on!" They shake hands and the attorney leaves. "At the fashionable Art Club, Violet is delighted with the change of environment and opportunity." At a large table well dressed people sit eating and talking. Violet and Jack sit at the head of the table. The attorney sends the new butler to find the boy, saying "You will surely find him at the Art Club." Violet, at the table, refuses a glass of wine, saying to Jack "I don't think that drinking will do you any good - ever!" He stands up and, smiling over the crows, says "Our guest of honor will favor us!" Everyone applaudes as Violet gets up and makes her way to the stage. A man plays the piano and she starts to sing. She finishes the song and the crowd applaude. The butler, finding Jack, whispers something in his ear. "She is the dearest, sweetest, lovliest - well come and see for yourself!" A man, sat talking to Violet, stands up, raising his glass, saying "Let us drink to our host - Jack Bronson!" Violet looks down, troubled. She leans across to speak to the man next to her, who says "He's the son of the wealthy John Bronson of Cleveland." She knots her brow and excuses herself.

Jack returns, asking after Violet, he walks off in her direction. Violet, wrapped in a dark oriental style cloak stands outside. Jack walks up and she says "I cannot remain here - and I must never see you again!" Jack clutches at her, saying "You can't make a fool of me, leaving like this!" She struggles, he says "I won't let you go - I love you - I want you-" He holds her and she struggles to free herself. The guests at the table her the comotion. Violet yells - "You ought to be ashamed of yourself!" She frees herself. Jack is left alone with his guests. She walks into a crowded room where a woman greets her with open arms, saying "Fear not! You are in the Hands of the Lord!" Violet, in the womans arms, closes her eyes. "Unable to find Violet and estranged from his father, the unconscious habit of drink tightens its deadly grip upon Jack" He sits, looking bedraggled, at a desk, writing a letter. When the pen runs out, he throws in on the floor. He holds up another letter, which reads -"You are pulling me down. The very structure I have given all of my life to build. You are unworthy of being my son" In the study, Jack holds his head in his hands. He suddenly gets up to pour himself a drink but finds the bottle empty. The butler walks in, explaining "I didn't buy any more because I know it's poison for you." Jack is left alone, pacing the room. He looks up, imagining Violet. Half the screen becomes them at dinner. He stands up, goes for a drink again, then takes some money out of his wallet, stuffing it into his pocket. The butler appears and Jack says "I'm going where I can drink all I want - unobserved and uncriticised." The butler helps him on with his coat. "The underworld" In a shabby looking bar, two men sit smoking at a table, one stands talking to the barman.

The barman says "Dat joint across the de streets puttin' dis place on de blink. Rough- house it - clean 'em out - tonight." The man at the bar nods and, calling up his friends, explains the plan. In the church, Violet sits on the stage as the woman speaks to the crowd. The thugs from the bar creep into the church, taking off their hats. They sit at the side of the room. Jack wanders into a bar and sits down. The barman gives him a bottle of whisky and a shot glass. He pours a drink for himself and his neighbour. In the church, the pastor speaks. The thugs yell out and everyone turns to look at them. The pastor continues his sermon and the men wolf - whistle. Violet stands up and says "Let us sing the hymn ; 'Lead me in Thy Truth; for Thou art the God of my Salvation'" They all sing, Violet at the front. The thugs eye her up, the lead one sits entranced, fiddling with his hat. He says to the others "Beat it!" and watches her smiling. When the hymn is over, he goes over to Violet, saying "Let me thank you for helping us." He shakes her hand. She says "I hope you will come here often." She turns and walks back on stage. The pastor greets her saying "She is our good angel" Meanwhile, in the bar, Jack has got through a lot of whisky. He staggers and falls. The men at the bar leave him where he lies. The lady of the church and Violet walk into the bar with a collection plate. They see the man on the floor. Someone seated at the bar says - "He's jest drunk - dat's all" Violet gets down on her knees to tend to him. Recognizing his face, she calls out his name. He looks up, amazed, saying "Jill-! You came to save me-" He passes out, she looks up sadly, saying "We must help him" She lifts up his head and says "I will take care of you…Jack!" He holds her hand. "Violet tenerly guides Jack back to health of spirit and body with a love that asks only the right to serve." Violet, carrying a bunch of flowers, walks into Jacks room. He and a nurse greet her. Jack and Violet sit down together, holding hands. He says to her - "You've shown me the truth - you are my salvation - Violet -tell me - why won't you fulfill my fondest hope?" She looks at him, smiling. She says "My poor fathers life was crushed out by the man who stole his invention"

Jack slowly realizes the situation. She goes on - "I pleaded with your father - in vain! He offered me Charity, but denied me - Justice!" Jack, a determined look on his face, stands up suddenly, saying "You've found youe mission and you have given me mine - Restitution!" Violet stands up and holds his hand. "Between this love affair and sordid drinking - he's altogether in a bad way!" The attorney sits telling Mr Bronson of his sons state. Mr Bronson stands up, exclaiming "I'm going to New York! I'll take him by the back of the neck and put him on his feet or know the reason why!" He stands in his study, fuming. "Love is a strange thing - changing bitterness into tenderness and weakness into strength." Jack stands talking to Violet in his rooms, they hold hands. The butler lets in Jacks father, who throws down his coat. Jack, hearing his voice, closes the door to the study, hiding Violet. His father says to him "A damn fine mess you've made of yourself and my name!" Jack and his father stand, facing each other. "The Crisis" Jacks father grabs him by his front, saying "If you prefer drunken-ness and going to the gutter with some hussy - you are no longer my son!" Jack pulls his fathers hands off his jacket and they argue. John Sr. says "Whatever I have done - I did for you !" Jack Jr. shouts back at him. Violet, in the next room, sits listening to the conversation. Jack says to his father "I don't want your money, nor any part of your game! I'm even ashamed of your name!" John sinks into a chair. Jack stands over him. Violet walks into the room as Jack is saying "- that's why she shall have - Revenge!" He turns around to see her standing there. She holds his hand and says "Jack - there is no passion of the human heart that promises so much and pays so little as revenge!" John is slumped over in the chair. She puts her hands on his shoulders and says "Can I - help you?" He looks up at her.

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