Film: 3560

Feature Drama | 1910 | Silent | B/W


Country boy Johnny goes to visit the city. Goes to music hall theatre or vaudeville theatre and sees dancer and singer. He falls in love with her from the stalls. They go out for dinner. They marry and move into a house. Meanwhile his old girlfriend back in the country pines for him. Johnny comes home to find the dancer having a knees up in the parlour. He looks glum. One day Johnny's Mum and sweetheart come to visit. Mum tells dancer she is not fit mate for her boy. After some thinking she agrees to give Johnny up. She leaves him a note that she has gone. He returns to the country. Johnny looks depressed. He thinks of the dancer. One day he finds the letters from the dancer to his mother. He starts sobbing. He nearly hits his mother. She shows him a note from his wife - she is in hospital and must come at once. Wife lies in hospital bed, a nurse takes her temperature with a thermometer. Mum and Johnny come in, he hugs her - she has had a baby!

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