Film: 3562

Feature Drama | 1920 | Silent | B/W


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With English subtitles
Film about Germaine D'Artois and Jack who meet whilst she stays with her Aunt in the French Riviera. They marry before he has orders to go to sea. He asks her not to return to her previous stage life and remain living with her aunt. She promises.
Years pass. On board ship he reads a recent letter from Germaine saying she is counting the hours to his return.
He returns to the Aunts house only to find that it is the Aunt who has written the letters and Germaine has returned to the Casino in Paris.
In Paris Germaine performs and the Count Louis D'Orsel is on the scene.
In a backstage dressing room Germaine is shocked when Jack walks in. Jack leaves without her and she tells the Count how she betrayed him for the stage.
Jack writes that he is going far away but will always love her.
Saison (1918-19) and Germaine performs.
End of Pt 3

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