Film: 3567

Food + Drink | 1970 | Sound | Colour


Display of pastries on doilies. Putting sugar in tea. Clips of people eating and drinking. Food advertising, bill boards, television. Weighing scales.
Dr Philip White talks about the effects of food.
A woman in the street taking about her weight problem and being unable to diet successfully. Diet and health books on a display. Various people talking about their own way of dieting. Diet advertising.
The same woman visits her doctor and discusses weight loss and the type of diet required. The egg diet. Carbohydrate diet. Protein diet.
A man eats dinner.
Breaking the top of a boiled egg.
(Split screen viewing) drinking milk, burning calories by working, playing, etc. Lying in bed and eating, playing chess.
Fat cells and growth/multiplication. Two women walk whilst eating.
Doctor advises keeping to set number of calories.
The woman goes to a party resisting a table full of food. Nutritionist advice. Woman plans and makes list of food she intends to eat within calorie limit.
Various types of food - fruit, meat etc.
A packet of Ralph's sugar. Breaking an egg and scrambling it in pan. A single apple and apple sliced in a pie. A baked potato, and with trimmings.
Increasing calories - a woman sampling food whilst cooking. A man eats scraps whilst washing dishes YUK! Students talking about snacking.
Woman sat at a table with friends and placing order. Food arrives, coffee being served. Deciding on pudding with desert menu being read out. She finally asks if they do strawberries.
Artichokes on a plate, sliced mushrooms, tomatoes, courgettes, a doughnut.
Historical film of people doing exercise - riding bikes. Man in golf buggy. A woman skipping.
Overfeeding children - spoon feeding a baby. Fat Cells. Habits and attitudes - a dad using food as a bribe, a little girl sits looking at a plate she doesn't want to finish before getting a pudding.
Several woman discuss changing eating habits.
Woman at self service restaurant helping herself to her choice of food. Another woman takes a seat next to her with a pudding allowing her to try it. She tastes it but says no to more!

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