Film: 3578

Science | 1980 | Sound | Colour


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Ideas of the future.
Solar system, lights, computers. The moon surface and a rocket taking off.
Various computers, effects and numeric information. A production line with robotic machines in car manufacturing.
A hovercraft on water. International Weather Centre building. Satellite views of parts of the world.
Food manufacturing and genetic engineering using mice. Extending life with a full size person in embryo cell. Scanning someone's head. CU of injection and needle entering the skin. Microwave with moving belt.
Landfill, refuse and rubble.
Cars on motorway lanes speeded up to illustrate faster world.
Land explosion.
Damage to the world - including pictures of pollution to streams, massive areas of building, desolate oil and gas works, children suffering from malnutrition, police arrests, mobs forming. Effects on the weather - tornado, dessert, global warming. Men in white suits doing some kind of land detecting.
Computers out of control - visual effects. Launch of a missile rocket. Fireball. Space rocket launch. A child infested with disease. Destruction of land and buildings falling.
Close up of a human eye. Grain mountain. Refuse on a barge. View of planet earth. Bird covered with oil. Nuclear explosion. Helicopter, Aircraft Carrier. Fighter jet. Windmill/wind turbine. Solar panels. Buildings cutting energy waste. Railway with electric train. Electric cars. Minerals including gold, nickel, mines. Tin cans, glass and newspaper for recycling.
Credit cards, Acupuncture, healing hands. Baby. Aqua culture fish pond. Modern building. View of planet. Brain scan, space ship, embryo. Solar system.

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