Film: 3581

Feature Drama | 1930 | Silent | B/W


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Opening shot of Indians on horse moving left to right across camera. Close up of couple with dog. Medium shot with covered wagons in background. Gunsmoke. Wagons are assembled in a circle and people are under attack from Indians. We see dog escaping. Main protagonists use handguns to fend off Indians. Dog is pursued down small hill by Indian on horse. Action cuts between attacking Indians and dog being pursued through the undergrowth by Indian. Good shot of Indians attacking ring of covered wagons. intial attack is rebuffed. More Indians arrive and circle the wagons. Women reloading pistols. This and following shots from point of view of settlers. Good shot of lone Indian storming over the barricade. Indians wear full head dress and carry tomahawks. The Indian attack continues. Shot of women cowering in covered wagon. Our hero stands his ground and kills an Indian. Good depth of focus. Cut to dog. Indian uses bow and arrow to temporarily stop dog. Indians fire flaming arrows into camp of wagons which start fire. Shots of men shooting at Indians. Brief shot of women shooting pistol at Indians who are quickly overcome by a group of attacking Indians.
Arrival of a covered wagon at night. Two me alight the wagon. Shot of man and women looking at small brook. Man kisses woman. Couple are observed by two men, dressed in black. Close up of Mary, and Jack Manning. She is dressed in pearls with a white dress. Mary asks Jack about a photograph of herself and how Jack obtained it. Cut to a younger man threatening an older man(Mary's father). If he doesn't get rid of Jack he won't allow him to travel West on his wagon. This film relies heavily on dialogue/intertitles. The old man explains that Mary must go West so that she can be with her Uncle.
Intertitle: "At Gold Creek diggings once a Trapper's Settlement now the center of a frenzied gold rush" Long take of two men riding into Gold Creek. They are at the Gold Nugget bar. Dissolve to table in bar when men are playing poker. In the bar we see women with 1920s dresses dance with partners. Shots of fiddle and piano player. Barman walks up and puts a lit cigar in fiddle players mouth. Scales with man writing out a cheque with a quill pen. Man smoking old fashioned pipe. We discover George Woods (the uncle) has struck it rich. Man arrives outside the Golden Nugget to warn of Indians on the warpath. Flashback to Lone Rider on hilltop being attacked by group of Indians. Cowboy falls of horse. Indians make off but cowboy remains alive, finds horse and escapes. Dissolve to him telling this story to a group of townspeople. George expresses his worry for his sister and brother about to travel through this Indian infested country. Tracking shot of wagons being loaded with passengers and provisions for the journey west. Good close up of dog barking. Jack Manning is accused of stealing the gold that George Woods sent his brother and is arrested by the Sheriff. Good closeup of Jack wearing hat. Jack realises that it is Carter not George Woods that has engineered this situation and vows his revenge. The wagon trail sets off. Jack is taken away. Mary clutches handkerchief and is visibly upset. Mary gives Jack a photograph of herself as a keepsake. Dramatic separation of Mary and Jack.
Intertitle: "Tell him she isn't dead. Excellent closeup of Indian with full head dress. Injured man(possibly George Woods) with wounded head collapses. The Indian orders the death of the injured man. The man pleads for mercy as the indians prepare to kill him. Cut to Mary and Jack on a horse who observethe Indians departing. Shot of dog limping with message in mouth. Shot of Mary and Jack being pursued.

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