Film: 3583

Feature Comedy | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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Early comedy actors and actresses. Later commentary. Mabel Normand, Carol Dempster. Charlie Murray, Carole Lombard, Mack Swain, Billy Bevan, Roscoe 'Fatty' Arbuckle, W.C. Fields.
Sketch of silent slapstick. Doctor examines a woman, man sees the doctor man-handling her. Doctor drops the woman who hits the deck, man hits the doc!
They all run around hitting each other over the head with an Indian Club. Another sketch. Girl kidnapped by the evil Black Dan at forced to dance in a club at the North Pole. She is rescued by her sweetheart. Sketch of a comic cigarette holder and a candle that bends to avoid lighting a cigar. Sketch in a classroom. Student catapults eggs onto the blackboard. A student comes into class with an ostrich, the bird eats the teachers apple. Sketch. A man has lost his trousers so he wears a barrel, but the slats of wood keep falling off. He steals a set of clothes. Sketch. A plank of wood goes over a cliff top with the sea crashing below. A baby crawls out onto the plank. The mother of the child comes along but every time she attempts to go out onto the plank it nearly tips over the cliff. Billy Bevan saves the baby and the day. Sketch of comedy policemen similar to Keystone Cops. They chase a robber in stripy convict clothes. He hides next to a stripy zebra (a donkey that has been painted) then next to a stripy car. Then hides in a pile of leaves but it is set on fire. He runs into a river to put the flames out. Another sketch in a bar. A man puts a large amount of money in his back pocket. Another man tries to steal it but finds the man's pocket is booby trapped with a set of handcuffs. Robber slips out of handcuffs and the men fight. Then it dissolves into a classic bar room brawl with everyone smashing chairs over peoples heads etc.

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