Film: 3598

Education | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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An American woman considers dieting 1970's for health

Waking up in the morning in a room with, books, records, objects and food around. She mutters as she gets out of bed and thinks about food. Deciding to go on a diet she puts packages and left over food in a bin.
The phone rings and a friend asks her out to go to the beach. She declines as she wants to focus on housework and her diet. Another of the same group of friends rings again to find out why she won't come and promises to help her on her diet if she goes.
At the beach - scenes of various food outlets in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The friends run into the sea in bathing suits as she runs behind clothed. A slim girl puts on Sun tan lotion. The boardwalk and the Ritz Carlton Hotel can be seen in the distance behind. She reads a book thinking to herself about them sunbathing and the risk of cancer. Picnic time and she smiles as she eats a chicken leg. She takes blueberries until one them says they put sugar on them. She decides this is no way to diet. A man is seen using a metal detector on the beach.
She goes for a walk and eats buying ice cream, sweets and drinks. Sat down she thinks about dieting. She returns to the beach with ice creams for her friends. She thinks to herself that her diet will start tomorrow.
Tomorrow arrives with the same scenes in the house with leftover food and her getting up saying to herself - I know I can do it this time!

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