Film: 3599

Medicine | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Child Development 1970's
A woman has given birth to a baby boy. The new baby is placed on her.
Later Baby and mum together in hospital. Breastfeeding at home with her two older children.
Views of babies room with mobiles illustrating sensory experiences. CU of baby looking around. Babies cot and nursery. A sleeping baby. Crying baby. A mother kisses baby. Baby follows an object held by mum. Changing a nappy. Grasping a toy. CU Mum smiling. Mum does household chores with baby watching - Washing off line, chopping vegetables. Child listens to mum playing piano. Child in bath with both parents.
A young child plays with toy activity centre and then a more realistic activity board. Baby looks at picture book with mum. Mum puts up objects and covers electrical socket so baby can explore outside the playpen. Crawling and exploring. Smelling a leaf and burnt toast. Touching hot and cold using ice cubes in a dish and a hot water bottle. First steps in the garden.
Birthday cake and two candles. Child reaching a door knob, on the beach, playing with a hosepipe, blowing bubbles, using telephone, on a swing, on a see-saw, with a balloon. Domino trail falling.

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