Film: 3601

Medicine | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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An anti-drugs information in the 1970's

Busy Leicester street, young people hang around on benches by a postbox. A group get up and go - "see you at the party". At a party in a house, a Jimi Hendrix poster on the wall, people dance. They pass around drinks and smoke joints. A dealer with a moustache sells acid or L.S.D. He talks to a couple and says they can't have a bad trip - "Give your girlfriend a good time". She is dubious but they buy some. Close-up of two small blue pills in his hand. Two men flip through vinyl records in a corner.
Shots of men and women getting stoned to rock music soundtrack. The girl has a bad trip and starts panicking. Her boyfriend and his friend help her outside for fresh air. She stumbles around disorientated and they take her to a hospital. Doctors attend to the girl and one of them reprimands the boys. The boyfriend tells the story of a friend of his who had a bad trip in the street. Disturbing scenes of a boy stumbling around the street looking frightened and grabbing on to pillars. The doctor talks to the boys in the waiting area about detrimental effects of LSD - "it throws the brain out of gear...Julie is having hallucinations". Julie lies in the bed distressed. The doctor then talks about cannabis/pot which the boys believe to be a "safe" drug. They recall their biker friends who were smoking cannabis before riding their motorcycles. The bikers get on their bikes and pass a spliff around, "good stuff"
The gang of bikers drive through the city passing buses and cars.
They talk about speed. People at party on speed, dancing and talking confidently and the doctor talks about the effect. A nurse brings an x-ray for the doctor to have a look at. He mentions the psychosis ("the horror") associated with long term amphetamine use. A man on 'pep' pills sits in a chair in a dark room having a hallucination. He believes someone is in the room with him and is going to kill him. He sees a man brandishing a knife at him and he gets a poker to defend himself. Close-up of his face perspiring. Julie goes up to a ward.
The doctor is woken at night by the ward sister. He goes down to the ward to see another drug victim who has been brought in by the police. A boy lies on a table unconscious. Voice over of the boy with scenes of the messy flat he was found in, a glass lying on the floor - "I took these barbiturates tablets".
Intertitle - "All scenes in this film are based on real incidents". Recap of scenes from the film. A heroin addict injects in the street, the biker inhaling and then a motorcycle wheel lying on the ground spinning. Julie and her boyfriend at the party hallucinating, words come up between them - "One way ticket?".


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