Film: 3603

Places + Locations | 1960 | Mute | B/W


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The millennium of Poland, Europe, 1966.

Title plate of the Piast's eagle, emblem of Poland. The town of Gniezno, the first capital of Poland and where the legend says the eagle had its nest. Views of the lake, the cathedral, the main street and the Town Hall in the background. Poznan, a castle of the eleventh century and of Mieszko I and Boleslaw Chrobry, early kings of Poland. Artificial flowers in the trees, flags and the tower and streets. Wroclaw, with its bridge over the Odra river. The cathedral tower, a close up. Old houses and the clock. Szczecin, the Chrebry Bulwarks, the Piast's Castle, the castle windows, the Square. The city of Krakow with Wawel Castle and cloisters. The students and colleges of Jagirllon University, the narrow streets. Gdansk, a branch in bud, the clock tower, a sculpture of a woman's head. Neptune's Monument. The port of Gdansk. Warsaw (Warszawa) a long shot and the column of King Zygmunt III. The roofs of the old town houses, castle square with the pigeons. To commemorate the thousand years of Poland, a thousand new schools were built as a millennium monument. The Plock petro chemical works, the cement works in Chelm, sacks of cement. Psie Polc, the hound's field, an ancient battlefield, where in 1109 the Polish under Boleslaw Krzywousty defeated the Germans. A company of Polish Army hand over an urn to veteran soldiers of the Silesian Uprising. Banners. The Baltic coast at the town of Kolobrzeg, the Monument of Espousals with the sea. Kolobrzeg was the scene of a fierce battle during World War Two. The concentration camp of Majdanek, near Lublin, where 2 million people were killed by the Nazis. Treblinka where 800 thousand died. A monument and eternal flame at the camp. Polish people lay wreaths. The town of Gniezno, crowds of people in the town square. Marian Spychalski the Minister of National Defence and Marshal of Poland delivers a speech. A pageant of Poland's history and a parade of the Polish army. The St Wojciech cathedral and the cardinal Stefan Wyszynski. Presentation of the painting of the Visitation of Matka Boska Czestochowska to the Poznan Archdiocese. Crowds in Poznan. Wladyslaw Gomulka makes a very Cold War speech about the threat of West Germany. He fixes the Order to the banners. Fanfare of trumpets and pigeons in flight. Cardinal blesses the crowd and a procession with the painting. Long shots of Poznan.

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