Film: 3605

Places + Locations | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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The Interior West. USA.
Waterskiing. Desert of the South West to Snow in the mountains of the North.
Cowboys rounding up Hereford cattle. Desolate gold and silver towns. Rocky mountains. Sierra Nevada. Indian reservation. Mining for copper and other metals.
Railroad supplies. Sheep on high meadows being brought down to the ranch, going through a race for loading onto train.
Crop irrigation. Use of limited water supplies to enable drier areas to grow crops. Dam. A city in Arizona and how water is pumped to city. Rail, road and air transport.
Closing cockpit and jets taking off. Huge waterfall.
Fall of a horse (animal humour!)! Rodeo.
Sun City - tourist playing bowls.
Hereford cattle in the lowlands. Deer on a the mountain. Lumberman falling tree.
Colorado river and National park.

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