Film: 3607

Places + Locations | 1940 | Sound | B/W


The reconstruction of Japan in a post atomic bomb age, with Christian missionaries.

Hiroshima, Japan, Asia devastation, rubble. Sign reading "Central Theological College". Ruined secular college. Relics of College chapel. Church still standing. Village of Ogawara. Streets of Tokyo. Lorry, man on bicycle pulling child. City baths and bathing pool. Street actor advertises cinema. Gardens of the Imperial Palace of Kyoto. National Shinto shrine and priest. Devotees. Long lists of dead. Verger wheels away ornaments of worship on a cart. Rural village of Ogawara 60 miles south of Tokyo. Australian missionary shakes hands with Japanese Christian priest. They enter church. Children playing board game. Priest and Japanese children on pavement. Priest and young Japanese man enter priest's house - take off shoes first. Man shows Japanese how camera works. They visit Shinto shrine. Men communicate by use of dictionaries. Men sit in bamboo chairs on veranda and wipe faces with handkerchiefs. Reading book. Men bow to each other. Japanese peasant house. Mother weaving on small foot operated loom. Man in wood walks away from camera, tiptoes along side of cane fence, hides book under stone. Woman throws water from bucket and finds book. She and husband leaf through Bible. Old man leads young man up steps. Man and child walk across bridge. Man with very long beard. Man and child climb long steps to temple. Train. Young man climbs fence onto tracks. Rail tunnel. Apparent attempted suicide under train, but young man rescued by priest. Ill in bed, fed medicine from spoon. Bearded grandfather fetches Buddhist monk. Anglican hospital of St. Luke in Tokyo. Railway station of Ogawara. People get on train. Boy carried off train and laid on platform by priest. Bearded Buddhist man stands nearby, and bends over young man. Apparent operation on platform with doctor and man acting as anaesthetist. Put cloth over patients face. Inside Anglican church. Congregation at prayer. St. Paul's University (Rikko Dai Gaku). Students repairing Anglican University, chipping mortar off bricks. Bamboo scaffolding. Girls' school at Kobe being rebuilt. Bishop Yashiro. Christ Church in Yokohama. Church of St. Andrew being rebuilt. Japanese clergy in dog collars. Australian churchmen. Smiling children hold hands in a circle and play a game.

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