Film: 3609

Medicine | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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Women and girls in puberty

Teenage girls in close up laugh and talk. A young woman stands in front of a mirror brushing her long hair. She wears a fetching blue and white stripped night dress. Her friend arrives at the mirror in her pajamas. Both apparently are the same age but one is further ahead with puberty than the other. Animated hand drawn shots of boys/girls developing. Hand drawings of different shapes of women: small, tall, thin, round. Girls play volleyball. Includes close up of black girl. Voice over talks of development of sweat glands. The girls all lie on the grass. Close up of white phone being answered by an adolescent girl. Her hand fidgets with the phone, the voice over says she is talking to a boy, Bob. She sits down and we see her face talking on the phone in close up. She has been sweating, zoom in on her wet underarms. Hands searching through a drawer full of clothes. The young girl takes off her sweaty shirt. Shirt is dumped into dirty laundry basket. She goes to have a bath. Shot of shower taps and girl turning on bath. Girl is playing with her face in the mirror trying to squeeze pimples. Zoom in on close up of chin skin. Diagram of cross-section of skin to explain why pimples develop. Girl looking in mirror in bathroom. Close up of taps turning on, girl's hand soaping flannel and washing face. Over head shot of spare ribs, chips and egg. A hand puts tomato ketchup over the french fries. Next to the plate is white bread and butter, a chocolate cake and a cordial drink. A bowlful of peas is handed to the girl who serves them on to her plate. Plate consists of salad, a pork chop, brown bread and butter. More volleyball playing. Girl lies on bed reading a thin magazine. Clock reads half past nine. Voice over saying that you must rest to avoid bad skin. Girl gets into bed, pulls covers over her and turns off light. She lies looking into space. As camera moves in for close up she closes her eyes to sleep. Pastel drawing of woman indicating pituitary gland signalling growth of ovaries and release of hormones, breast growth, pubic hair and hips widening. Close up of pubic area, dissolves into diagrammatic representation of woman's reproductive organs and points out salient areas, clitoris is a "small sensitive organ"! Ovaries and development of ovum. Release of egg and movement along fallopian tubes to uterus. Uterus wall, thickens, discharge of lining, menstruation. Diagram of when periods occur. Menstruation means extra care for cleanliness. More volleyball playing, voice over says avoid menstrual cramps by being in good health. Egg meets sperm in fallopian tubs. How do they meet. Diagrammatic representation of penis and testicles with sperm in tubes. Great diagram showing movement of sperm from scrotum, mixing with other liquid, and passing out through engorged penis. (Very coy about how penis becomes engorged with blood!). Live sperm under microscope including close up. Diagram of path of sperm from vagina to fallopian tube where it meets an ovum. "A new life is created". Diagram of uterus swelling. Close up of a real live baby with mum and dad, mum has great sweeping hair spray ridden 1960's beehive. Close up of adolescent girl looking at baby. She picks up baby, and smiles at baby. Close up of baby sucking adolescent girl's finger. Close up of girl smiling.

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