Film: 3610

Education | 1960 | Sound | Colour


Sex Education "Sex ignorance is a major source of human misery".

The front title talks of a more open attitude to discussion of sexual matter for a more enlightened society. Teenagers jive and do the twist at a dance at Finches Youth Club, Finchley, North London. The band 'The Rustlers' plays guitars. shots of young people at the dance sitting at table. Popular girl who is pretty and "has quite a figure", talks to three boys at a table. She is learning to be a hairdresser. Male teacher does a woman's hair while she watches, in a salon. She is learning to drive a Morris Minor car with L plates. Her fiance is in the passenger seat instructing her. She is engaged. The boy is learning to be an engineer. He watches a machine turning closely. "They are both learning to live". They lie on carpet next to a radiogram, record player. Record on turn table. Girl is Tina. Boy is Eric. They expect to be taught skills as they should be taught about sex. They change the records on the record player. Incomplete knowledge wrecks marriages.
A nanny or nurse with a baby on her knee and a toddler standing next to a cot. The nurse powders the baby boy's genitals. "There is not a lot of difference between the sexes at this age". Mother should answer questions naturally regarding the differences. "Later on, we feel the differences more". Children play in a playground. Boys hang from a climbing frame, girls play with a ball. Girls with dolls. Clothes, up bringing and social pressure make you choose to be with your own. Animation of the body. Boys have a convenient tube when nature's demands are urgent. Boy pees up against a tree. Little boy probably does not know that his penis will contribute greatly to his happiness as a man, "or unhappiness if he fails to grow up to his responsibilities as a man". Little girl knows she has a cleft, but not what is probably be her greatest joy in life - babies. Puberty. Voice will become lower and manly, and hair will grow. Animated hair growth in various parts and genitals get bigger for the important work they are going to do. The little girl will not grow hair on her chin or chest but will in her arm pits and spend a lot of time removing it. Develops breasts. Mother breast feeds baby in bed of hospital. Attractive curves develop. Back at the dance. Boy and girl hold hands. Boy looks at himself in the mirror. Showing off their manliness. Boy picks up chair by the leg, showing off. Girl styles hair in a mirror. She puts on make up. A dressing table with make up and perfume. "The girl wants a boyfriend, the boy wants a girlfriend". Boy and girl look at each other, flirting. Boy sits and talks to girl. "They are now capable of reproducing themselves". More dancing. Early man realised that people should pair off and raise a family. Children in pyjamas jump on their father who is lying on the carpet. Mother reads to child, she is seated on a chair with the boy on her lap. She picks him up and carries him to the door. Sexual intercourse outside marriage is "possibly disastrous". Children to bed. We have to make up our own minds on this. Use your knowledge with respectability and real love, "or want only with animal appetite". Three outlets in the girl, described in animation. Vagina described, cervix and uterus shown. Ovaries. Once a month egg released. Menstruation, periods, all shown animated. How is it fertilised? Male shown. Sperms in animation. Animated intercourse. Penis becomes rigid through blood is explained. Intercourse in pleasurable to both sexes. Man kisses woman on the forehead, who is in bed, asleep. Animated fertilization of the egg. Grows into a baby. Pushed out of vagina in childbirth. New born baby given to mother. Fatherless baby is one of life's real tragedies. Sex has problems for young adults. Two people talk to marriage guidance / sex counsellor or therapist. Young couples should consult a doctor before marriage. Doctor gives them books. They drive away in a Morris Minor car. "No excuse for ignorance". The film admits it has talked about sex as machines and left feeling out of it. Know your bodies. Do not jeopardise your future for that fleeting moment.

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