Film: 3611

Medicine | 1950 | Sound | B/W


Sex Education in the 1950's.

Family at home with children. Child plays on bed. Joining at conception which is a child. Testes shown on a child. They lie in a bag or scrotum. Coiled tubes. Sample under the microscope of the tubes. Sperm formation. Sperms under the microscope. Sperms pass through the penis with fluid, semen. Swimming sperm released during sexual intercourse between a man and a woman. 'Penis is constructed so as to allow the transfer of the sperm'. Vagina is ideal for this. Egg cells. Sperm penetrates egg cell. Fusing of muscles of male sperm and egg cell. Cells divide, shown under the microscope. Embryo carried to womb, helped by hair and contraction of Fallopian tubes. Section of inner lining of womb. Glands on womb wall lining. Blood vessels coil around the glands. Nutrition is thus passed. Dissolved oxygen to the embryo. Development of the embryo in more detail than usual. Cells on the surface of the embryo as it embeds in the uterus wall. Ten days after conception the embryo is completely embedded. Sac of fluid and yolk sac at 14 days, 22 days and 28 days. Changes shown. Limbs and organs develop. Blood of the baby and that of the mother never meet. Food and oxygen passed in the placenta. Umbilical cord. Six weeks, heart is beating. although only two compartments. Bones of skeleton. Photography of one of the long bones developing over weeks. Ten weeks limb bones in place. Mother feels quickening at five months. 40 weeks and baby can be born. New born baby is weighed.

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