Film: 3612

Industry + Work | 1960 | Sound | B/W


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Training for work. Both management and on the shop floor. Dramatised.

Newspaper ad. For light engineering factory work. Close up woman waiting anxiously, outside interviewer's office, while inside he debates with another personnel man. Woman is ushered into personnel office. Interview. At the woman's home later, her son expresses doubt about his mother's new job. Mrs. Munn enters the factory the next morning to find a supercilious personnel manager and his nose-powdering secretary. Overhead shot of woman walking down street away from camera.

Discussion about training schemes. Tour of clothing factory or sweat shop for the rag trade. Women at sewing machines. Instruction of workers in factories. Mrs. Munn in training. Close up sewing needles stitching clothes at different styles and speeds.

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