Film: 362

Farming + Rural Life | 1920 | Silent | B/W


USA cattle and cowboys in the wild west 1920's

Opening shot of cowboy on horse with clouds in sky and background. Medium shot of herd of cows grazing in pasture and being herded by cowboys. Various shots of cattle grazing with hills in background. Shot of cow with young calf. Shot of branded cattle. Further shots of cattle being herded. Further shots of cattle moving slowly from screen right to left. Shot of small tent and large marquee with cattle herded together. Man prepares dinner. Kneads dough which he places in oven. Shouts "come and get it"
Shot of cowboys running towards tent. Men eat meal in shade of wagon inside tent. Close ups of men eating, sitting down with food on their laps. Shots of cowboy getting a haircut, a man shoeing a horse. Good close up of man surrounded by horses using a lasso to capture a horse. Shot of men leaving camp herding cattle through a valley. Shot of cattle being herded through a valley. Shot of cattle being herded through wooden gates. Cattle then put through a bath of dip. Shot of large farmstead at foot of mountain range. Shot of two horses pulling a plough. Shot of haystacks being made with a combination of rudimentary and sophisticated farm equipment. Further examples of automated and manual machinery in action to create bales of hay. Shots of cattle eating hay from trough. Shots of four year old cattle being taken to market. Shot of railroad with steam train and motor cars in background. Shots of departure pens for cattle with shots of cattle being herded onto train. Shot of train departing. Cowboys celebrate. Large crowd facing camera and behind fence, in grandstand, wave hats. Gate opens. Good shot of bucking bronco (bull) at rodeo trying to throw rider. Great slow motion sequences of unbroken horses. Medium shot of crowd waving and cheering. Another shot of rodeo. This time the rider is on a bull and promptly falls off. Cut away to crowds with woman in cloche hat (circa 1920s). Shot of cowboys trying to wrestle a bull to the ground. Cowboy performs tricks with a horse. Final shot of several cowboys sitting around a fire in the evening. Wild West, western life.

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