Film: 3622

Places + Locations | 1960 | Sound | B/W


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Refugees from Mozambique in a refugee camp in Tanzania, Africa building their village, tilling and clearing fields, gathering water, visiting the health centre. It all looks more
like a normal village than a refugee camp.

Still of carved face/mask/ 1/2 frame still of tribesman in paint and costume. Still of carving. Aerial view of African city, large white tower blocks, monumental roundabout. Map of Africa. Still of refugees, some sitting, some standing in refugee camp. Still of mother breast feeding her baby, two other half naked children sit next to her. Two starving children (still of ), emaciated bodies. Still of young boy looking straight into camera. Still of skeletal starving African woman holding starving baby. Still of crowd of African people in refugee camp. Still of refugees, female looking downcast, wearing robes and scarf at front. Still of child being fed by white person, arm only visible. Still of screaming, upset toddler. Still of hands reaching out for food, round pot.

Outline map of Africa, Tanzania marked out, with capital Dar es Salam and Rutamba marked. Close up of map with Tanzania marked. Logo for Unicef (?) or United Nations(?). Man hammers metal circle tied onto wooden log. Titles, Ashanti superimposed over village scene. Titles superimposed over village scene. Titles superimposed over scene of large group of people.

Water, with large plants growing, grasses, pans up to show people round pond. Woman crouches and beats clothes with her hands, washing them in a pan of water. Woman, pounding with her fists. Woman with children in pool of water, woman washes pots. Woman behind makeshift wooden screen, leaning forward to get water into pans attached to sticks/poles, which they pour into larger pots. Two young girls gathering water from dipper like poles and containers, water is not safe. Young girl collects water, smiling at camera. Two women collecting water. Girls legs as she scrambles, clearing out her pot. Elderly tribeswoman, with pierced and extended lip. Young girl cleans her face using water straight from her can. Girl rubs untreated water into her mouth and smiles shyly. Little boy being washed by mother in pond. Two mothers washing children in pond. Two women with buckets on their heads walk past others. Child carrying basket on her head away from camera, towards men building structure. Mother and child walk by wooden huts, roofs made of thatch and grass, towards group of children, possibly open air school. Black man in western dress of white shirt trousers and straw hat organises children into rows. Line of children. Group of children sitting under tree, open air nursery. Three children sit, while parents/adults walk away. Close up of children , girl and boy. Teacher with children sitting in two groups as they chant, counting numbers. Teacher standing chanting. Four children sitting in row in open air nursery. Large group of people walking and singing. Group of men singing, walking away from camera, many holding hoes and sticks. Group of men and women carrying agricultural tools walking past camera. Group of boys all holding tools march past camera. Women and men carrying tools walk in single file past camera. Group of young men, filing past camera holding machetes and tools. Women singing carrying tools. Legs of people walking to fields to work. People in single file carrying tools and singing. Barefoot, shots of legs as people walk to work in the fields. Man working with bare chest in fields. Woman walks past carrying large stick on her shoulder, in line of workers walking away from camera, walking through uncleared land, as camera pans to
show workers in middle of uncleared and. People hoeing and weeding, clearing the ground.

Long line of people attacking the vegetation. People attacking and clearing the vegetation using sticks, machetes and hoes. Exterior of hut, smoke coming out of window. Dog lying asleep on the ground. Grass huts, two small children toddling on ground. Nambawala, white nurse in uniform handing out cards to queue of women in headscarves. Land Rover driving along truck, past sign to Nambawala. Female white nurse in uniform. Nurses hand visible, as two female patients in headscarves queue to see her. Nurse checks baby. Land rover drives up, has TCRS Rutamba settlement written on side. Nurse leaves baby and walks away from group. Nurse takes package from man, crowd watching nurse holds parcel and talks to man. Man stands by land rover. Man gets back into land rover and drives off. Group of people, with one white man amongst group. Boys and girl sit around piles of maize. Hands reaching into pile of maize and shelling it. White man stands with three men, one holding up ears of maize. People holding maize in their hands. Hands shelling maize. Man holds shelled maize. Woman holds basket, shaking contents and pouring them into a sack as three men look on. Group of people sitting hitting sacks with sticks threshing and pounding maize into flour. Dirt track road, camera on front of car driving down road, few people get on side of road to let car pass. Land rover drives onto cleared land and stops, man alights from car. Man in hat, works on bulldozer. Group of men working on broken down bulldozers. Man looks down into camera, lips moving. Man fixing bulldozer with hat looks up and nods. Man looks down, talking into camera. Man in hat fixing bulldozer shrugs. Two men, one standing by bulldozer, the other kneeling trying to fix. Land rover drives into bush land and stops, Norwegian white man and other man get out, bulldozers clearing land in background. Two bulldozers clearing land. The two men climb onto a bulldozer. The two men talk to the bulldozer driver sitting in the cab. Official man stands surveying scene. Small hut with word Shule written on side, school. Official in white shorts and long socks looks around schoolyard, small groups of young men standing. Workers building school building walk past, watched by official, four people on a tractor drive across yard. Village of refugee camp, small huts, woman walks along track carrying bucket, two boys playing in background, official walks into view. Two children sit on ground playing. Two young adults, male and female, stand next to thatched hut, couple wanting to get married. Females face close up, looks sad. Official man walks slowly towards camera. Females face looking downcast. Official walks with young man down dusty earth next to huts, people threshing and pounding in background. Official and young man walk away, with backs to camera. Woman pounds grain in pot using large wooden stick, shows face only. Woman pounding stick into pot, back to camera, other woman walks towards her. Woman stops pounding and speaks to other woman, her sister in law. Woman holding stick, close up on face. Woman holding stick, back to camera, her sister in law walks off. Woman carries on pounding stick, sister in law walks towards hut. Woman walks into hut with grass roof. Interior of hut, man sits crouching on floor working, woman walks behind past him, he looks up at her. Close up of mans hands and work, soldering metal together to make lights out of cans. Woman pours pail of water over child's head and washes him. Official walks into hut, back to camera, and walks towards man soldering cans. Man crouching on floor, talks to official standing. Woman pouring pan of water over naked child, washing. Man sits soldering tins. Female smiles shyly, pans down to bathed child, naked and wet. Man looks down, speaking.

Close up of man soldering tins. Man carves traditional figurine out of wood using knife. Official sits and chats. Man sits carving, official sits near with arm and leg on camera, carver hands ornament to official and smiles. Young man smiles. Carved wooden ornaments in foreground outside, people walk past in background. Official holds two ebony carvings up close to camera while carver sits and carves. Official sits at desk, trying to write a report, looks pensive, other man at desk behind him in office. Official looks in deep thought, shot dissolves into scene where people are constructing a well, group of people standing round it. Men pull large stone ring into position using ropes. Man holds pipe, being laid along ground. Men position concrete stone surround of well into place. Men lay pipes in ditch along road in village. Man in well. Official sits thinking and then goes back to writing report. Man hammers metal wheel tied to wood. Pile of sand/gravel? In road. Man hammers metal wheel tied to wooden support. Group of men walk along road in village. Official and other man call a council, group of people standing round them. Official and other important men talk to crowd. Woman and man in crowd. Official talking to crowd. Woman, face marked either by tribal scars or paint. Two men watching in crowd. Official with back to camera addresses crowd. View of meeting from afar. Man shakes bowl. People grind seeds to make flour, man shakes bowl, sifting. Scene of two women grinding flour as man sifts, in front of mud and grass huts. Man with tribal scars and punctured upper lip. Man paints number 238 on wall. Man puts sign on his land. Man on line, not looking very happy. Official explains to family extent of new land they have been given. Woman with tribal marks on her face. Baby with dummy on mothers back. Official points over their new land, large field of scrubland. New owner of land, not looking very happy. Land rovers drive along dusty tracks in village. Group of children all sitting. Minister from the Tanzanian government visiting the settlement, gets out of land rover with group of men. Children singing. Officials smile and clap. Children clapping. Crowd watching minister and officials. Minister smiling. Mother and baby. Old woman with lip piercing and enlargement. Minister speaking to people of the village. Children watching. Officials looking on. Minister speaking to villagers, with back to camera. Minister speaks, officials listen behind him. Villagers applaud. Minister bending down to speak to little girl. Children listening. Villagers with tribal markings and elongated lips clap. Little girl sings, watched by minister and joined in by rest of children. Children and villagers singing and clapping. Officials with backs to camera. Young couple standing apart from rest of group. Close up of young couple, both looking miserable, though they are not meant to.

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