Film: 3624

Places + Locations | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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Winter in Scandinavia, Sweden's eastern coast.

Ornskoldsvik, Sweden. Streets, snow, bicycles, horse-drawn sleds. Shifting snow. Port, Ice-breaking in Gulf of Bothnia. Chipping ice off boat. Engines, eating. Sundsvall. Bales of wood pulp. Wood felling. Bark stripping, forestry, horses hauling wood trunks to factory. Floating logs. Conveyor belts, pulping, wood chips, grinding mills, pulp is corrugated, cut into sheets, stripped out, loading cargo.
Gaule. Steel mills, smelting with charcoal loading ore to lorries. Hydro electric power (H.E.P.), iron works, steel works use electricity. Steel pressing. Ingots at rolling mills. Cutting sheets, making saws, baling finished steel products abroad, loading ship by crane. Stockholm. Views from sea. Ships and cranes unloading. Streets, trams, trolley lines. Shop selling glass. Cars. Co-op apartment / flat building. Family at home. Skating whilst holding dog on lead. City at night.

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