Film: 3627

Social History | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Preparing for retirement, the planning of your retirement as regard budgeting, social contracts, hobbies, part time and charity work, health and exercise for the pensioner 1970's

A work leaving do. The man retiring makes a speech. His colleagues have given him an electric saw. He has planned for his retirement for 2 years. He started by asking his wife what he is good at. He starts learning carpentry. He makes shelves and a toy for his grand-daughter. Soon word gets around and he starts earning money for odd bits of furniture etc.

A woman retires. She has a plan to live in the country. She says goodbye to everyone and buys a small cottage. It is isolated and there is limited public transport to the nearest village. She soon becomes lonely and the cottage needs a lot of work. She sells the cottage and buys a flat back in the city. She babysits for her neice. Word gets around and soon she is often baby sitting for various people who insist on paying her. She does charity work, stands for the council and joins many clubs. She is very busy in her retirement.

A man argues with his wife as he has been made redundant and he is angry. He does not think they will be able to manage financially. His wife sits him down and they do a budget. She shows him that they will be able to manage but to help out he will become a gardener and grow their own vegetables. She will be more careful with the shopping. He volunteers at the local hospital. He starts doing other peoples gardens for a bit of extra money. He is happy with his retirement.

A man retires. All his friends are work friends and he does not see them anymore. He had a dream of moving to the coast but it does not work out. He sits at home and gets under his wifes feet. She wants him to do something. He joins the darts team. One of the darts players offers the man a few hours work as the controller in a taxi company. He has new friends and a bit more money.

Narrator says that if you are watching this film you will soon be retiring and you must plan what you are going to do.

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