Film: 363

Art + Architecture | 1970 | Sound | Colour


Staffordshire Potteries 1970's

Pottery scenes show the preparation of the clay and a Potter at work making mugs. Potter puts clay in a mould. Girl puts mugs on a conveyer belt. Filling another mould with wet clay to make handles. Use of rim smoother. Woman removes wet handles and another smooths the handles ready for fitting. Mugs dipped in glaze and put on a shelf. The shelf is wheeled into a kiln. Mugs come out looking different. Woman puts Tom and Jerry transfer onto a childs bowl. Hand painting, machine painting. Mugs have a pattern put on them by a machine. Traditional pottery techniques. A potter shows how to prepare clay. Children learn to make pots by hand. Some children make little bricks out of clay and make model buildings. Children learning to use a potters wheel. Experienced potter shows how it is done. Close ups of the potter making a vase.

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