Film: 3631

London | 1950 | Sound | B/W


An American Couple sightseeing around London in a taxi cab, also visiting the sights 1950's

Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament in London with traffic in the foreground. Saint Paul's Cathedral. Tower Bridge with bridge raised with a tug pulling a ship. Tower of London with trees in foreground. Policeman directing traffic. Piccadilly Circus viewing Eros and fountain, " Swan and Edgar " department store, traffic in foreground, pans left to a Taxi cab rank outside Piccadilly Circus Underground station. Taxi cab driver receives radio message for The "Dorchester Hotel". Taxi cab leaves rank and head towards Piccadilly. Taxi cab pulls up to " Dorchester Hotel ", Doorman opens door for middle aged well dressed American couple. Close up of taxi cab driver leaning out of cab window. Close up of American man talking to the taxi cab driver, viewed from the front passenger seat. View of taxi driver driving from back seat. View of Eros moving as from taxi. View of cabbies head from the back seat. Statue of Boadicea or Boudicca three quarter on. Speed effect to the left to the Triumphal Arch at Hyde Park Corner, London. Speed effect to Saint Pauls Cathedral. Speed effect to Marble Arch. View of cab driver in moving taxi from the passenger seat. Shot taxi cab pulling up with the Tower of London in the background.

Back of American couple crossing a busy road towards the " Horse Guard " sentries at Whitehall. Close up of "Horse Guard". American Couple talking and petting horse. Three dismounted Horse Guards leading two horses down a narrow passageway, then turning into a stable. Close up of Horse Guard taking off his helmet and putting it on a post. Close up of two Horse Guards in their barracks taking off their uniform, enter in American couple talking to Guards and sitting on one of the beds. Close up of one Guard talking. Close up of other Guard polishing a buckle. American couple and one Guard sitting on a bed while one Guard is standing relaxed, pans down to sitting Guards shiny riding boots and sabre. Close up of American couple in profile, man talking. American couple and Guards talking, officer or non commissioned officer " NCO " walks in and couple shake hands with the Guards.

Buckingham Palace. Profile of Guards with Bearskin Hats and Policemen outside Buckingham Palace. View of military band marching and playing, wearing bearskin helmets and greatcoats. Close up of marching band. Close up of soldiers in profile with bearskins, greatcoats and rifles marching past Buckingham Palace, pans right with mounted Policeman in shot. Overhead view of five uniformed bandsmen walking on the road of a busy street, suggested itinerant, possibly military or Salvation Army. Close up of band from the pavement. Panning shot of Soho Square. Crowded pedestrian lane in Soho. Crowded market scene, probably "Berwick Street" market. Close up of market. Close up of newsagent newspaper rack with foreign newspapers. Shop front of a delicatessen with various meats, cheeses and oils. Three quarter below view of a sign " Café Bleu ". 3/4 Below sign "©hez Auguste" Chez Auguste . 3/4 below sign " Choy's Chinese Restaurant " in neon lights. 3/4 below sign " Trattoria Toscana " with possible Italian flag in background. 3/4 sign with " Istanbul Restaurant " with a crescent moon and star in the middle. American couple in a " Elizabethan Home " theme restaurant, seated at a type of banquet with a man possibly playing a lute in the foreground, back and side facing the camera. Close up period dressed "wench" serving an imitation pigs head, close up of happy American couple at table. Close up of " wench " carving meat at the medieval banquet. Close up of "wench" pouring wine or mead into a goblet. Close up of hand serving meat from a platter made from a rabbit or hare.

Shot of a Public House or bar or pub. Pub name " Bull and Last ". Pub name " The Flask " in Gothic or Italic script. Pub name "The Shakespeare's Head" in Gothic or Italic script. Pub name "Marlborough Head". American couple walking on the street. Pub sign "The Tavern" with a drawing of an old fashioned cricketer. Four casual dressed middle aged drinking and smoking, leaning on a railing. American couple walking past a cricket stand with a WH Smith shop. View of stands and few spectators at Lords cricket ground, London. Close up of middle aged seated couple wearing glasses, woman in spotted summer dress, man in his shirt sleeves. Close up of two elderly, elegantly dressed women, one in a hat. American couple finding seats to watch the match. View of cricket match in progress. Profile of American couple talking to a young man with sunglasses. Close up of batsman, wicket keeper and "slips". American Couple talking to elderly well dressed man. Players walking up to and into the pavilion.

Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, London. Profile of statue of president Lincoln. Close up of American couple looking up. Below and face on of statue of Lincoln. 3/4 on statue of George Washington. Plaque for Benjamin Franklin. Below and face on of Franklin. D. Roosevelt, F.D.R. FDR. American couple in Grosvenor Square. Nelsons Column. Close up of Lion at Trafalgar Square. People feeding pigeons at Trafalgar Square. Close up of American couple feeding pigeons, one on mans head another on his shoulder. Trafalgar Square with traffic in foreground. Back of American couple running across a road, man in his shirt sleeves towards " Speakers Corner " in Hyde Park. Crowds and speaker with banner "How the war office rob poor inventors". Speaker in top hat with banner "Women are cheats say men". Speaker gesticulating with arm movements. Crowd and the Methodist minister speaker Dr. Donald Silcott who mixes religion and politics. Close up to minister talking. Crowd with no speaker. Close up of the Reverend Silcott talking to the American couple. Close up of American man. Close up of Silcott. Crowd at Speakers Corner. Close up of middle aged, respectably dressed man talking. Close up of elderly respectably dressed man with a hat on talking. Young Swiss man speaking English, smart dress with glasses. Close up of young, American, short haired woman talking. Close up of bald, middle aged man with moustache, also respectably dressed talking. Neon lights in the shape of a fashionably dressed young woman, with the letters " Oxford Circus ". Neon lights with " Leicester Square ". Eros fountain with people on it at night. " Coca Cola " and " Bovril " Neon lights at Piccadilly Circus at night, with traffic. Neon light sign Prince of Wales theatre at night. Garrick theatre sign. Shaftesbury Avenue at night with theatre signs. The name "Vivien Leigh". A photo of Charles Laughton. Neon sign My fair lady with Rex Harrison, Julie Andrews and Stanley Holloway", also the neon sign with "Drury Lane Theatre". Fountains at Trafalgar Square lit up. Street scene with policeman directing traffic. Taxi cab puling up in front of the Dorchester hotel. Doorman opens cab door for the American couple. American couple enter hotel. American couple enter hotel room seen from the inside and sit down. Man with fruit in hand. Policeman directing traffic.

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