Film: 3632

Royalty | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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A detailed record of the build up and then ceremonies surrounding the investiture of Prince Charles as Prince of Wales. The ceremony was performed at Caernavon Castle by Queen Elizabeth II 1960's

After the opening sequence of the Investiture, the film gives a stylised and moody resume of the history of the last 2000 years of Wales - lots of soft focus and blurry shots, plus many good sustained shots.
The Investiture of Prince Charles as the Prince of Wales at Caernarfon Castle in North Wales. Banner with dragon on it hanging on stone walls of the Castle. Eight trumpeters blow a blast from the battlements. Pennants wave from their trumpets. Horseguards ride by. Welsh Guards? Soldiers in red regimental uniforms and bearskins hats march. The castle with the Royal Standard flying from a turret. Slow moving procession moves along walkway within the castle past rows of standing people - shot from on high. Low shot of Beefeaters leading the way. Druid or bard carries ceremonial sword on high. Man carries mace. He leads bards who wear differing coloured robes in procession.
Moody historical reconstruction starts. Horseriding on sands outside a castle, deliberately out of focus. Men wear medieval clothing. Horsemen reach castle ruin. Man holds out the material of the Welsh flag.
Caernarfon again - Queen Elizabeth II puts a crown on her son, Prince Charles', head. Gun salute. The dais. Blurred shot of Royal standard.
Moody and suggestive history of Wales restarts here. In a forest, a spider in a web. Cromlech. Stone with celtic decoration - a Celtic cross. A stone with a highlighted or painted in Latin inscription. Blurry, moody shot of port, possibly Porthgain. Man holding Welsh flag on clifftop. Silhouette of tree in stormy, cloudy conditions. Wood anemones in flower, babbling brook. Dramatised and stylised shot of horse riding in a wood and alongside a stream. Horseman carrying Welsh flag. Blurry light on water. Coastline of wales - rocks in foreground in focus, waves and cliffs behind in soft focus. Blurry shot of portion of coracle coming into sandy shore. We see part of the coracle as it is hauled up beach leaving trail in the sand. A cross drawn in the sand. Ripples of the sea run over the image of the cross. Sun's rays shining through gap in clouds over a dark sea. A North Wales estuary - a low shot with sand sweeping over the sand and with mountains in the distance. Sand dunes and grass growing on them. Male mallard ducks taking off from sand of estuary and flying off. Pigeon or rock dove landing on wall of castle. Inside of a ruined castle tower or keep - looking up. Moody shots of staircase as man disappears up them and out of an opening at the top. Another glimpse of a man disappearing through a door which is closed behind him.
Ruins with sun shining behind. Feet of barefooted man running overstones of a small stream. Snowdonia with brightly lit reflections from the slate at various points. Clouds rifting below the camera position up a pass in the hills. Rock or boulder tumbling down a mountainside. Waterfall or steep rapids of a river. A horse runs away over a nearby low hillock. A shot of a thornbush in foreground and a symbolic soft focus sword quivering in the grass behind. Ruined battlements in Snowdonia. Man runs past. In a forest, the roots of a fallen tree. Soft focus image of a hanged man, perhaps the suicide of a hanging man. Silhouette of man kneeling and raising his arms heavenwards.
Moody shot of a Welsh harp. A hand holding a fiery torch lights a pile of straw - symbollic of incendiarism or setting light to the towns of Carnarvon, Montgomery, Cardigan and Pembroke whose names are written on the screen. Quick but good images of quill pen in its holder and an hour glass with sand running. Ruined Welsh castle. Reflection of castle in water. In a wood a turning waterwheel - good shots. In the mill indistinct shots of miller at work. Flour production. The inside of a Welsh chapel, possibly in northern Monmouthshire. The white-painted pulpit. A page mysteriously turns in the open Bible. The old Welsh bible is closed to display its decorative black leather boards. Moody and good shot of full moon with light cloud drifting past. The inside of an old Welsh building - living room, with a fire burning in fireplace at far end and smoke drifting across the shot. Symbolic shot of French soldiers sneaking about in a wood at night, supposedly the 1797 invasion near Fishguard. Inside of a bedroom with a four poster bed in it, at night. Symbolic acts of Jemima Nicholas (who rounded up drunken French soldiers at point of her pitchfork) - there is a scap of French clothing (stripy cloth!) on the end of a pitchfork.
Soft focus shots of Welsh farmers at a market, possbly a cattle auction. Sheep in fields and sheepdogs herding them. An industrial Welsh landscape - heavy industry and smoking chimneys by the coast, possibly. Perhaps a huge steel works. A little boy makes a sand castle on a beach. He has a Welsh flag on his castle. More symbolic shots of horseriding in a wood and soft focus of rider with flag. Silhouettes of castles.

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