Film: 3633

Places + Locations | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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East Africa. Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania. 1960's.

Different tribes. Kilimanjaro, port, plains, rivers. Mombassa, harbour, streets, people carrying goods on head. Oasis pool and hippos. Giraffes. Nairobi, Kenya, streets and people, cars. Harambe House, office of President. Statue of Jomo Kenyatta. Coffee plantations. Tea estates in highlands. Picking, transporting. Pyrethum plants (insecticide). Rift valley. Keydone Valley and Lake Elemarliter. Flamingoes. Wackamba tribe. Uganda. Kampala. Parliament buildings. Apollo Hill. Mosque, Temple (Hindu), market square. Entebbe Airport. Passengers arrive and walk across tarmac. Castle on Victoria Lake shore. Egrets. Buganda Tribesmen. Cotton growing. Bananas on back of bike and in market. Court, man charged with witchcraft, open air court. Lake Victoria. Dam at Owen Falls. Power Station. Murchison Falls. Hippos. Crocodiles. Elephants. Tanzania. Dar Es Salaam, port. Loading sisal. Little town of Moshe (?) at base of Kilimanjaro. Sisal growing. Sisal train, fibre dried. Safari, cape buffalo. Gnu, wildebeast. Antelopes, Thompson's Gazelle, Jackal, wild dogs, ostrich, zebras, rhinos, (charging). Animal migrations. Lions under trees and eating.

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