Film: 3635

Personalities | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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Kepler and his work Johannes Kepler was a German mathematician and astronomer who discovered that the Earth and planets travel about the sun in elliptical orbits. He gave three fundamental laws of planetary motion. He also did important work in optics and geometry.
Johannes Kepler born in Weil der Stradt on the edge of the blackforest Germany.
The house where he was born turned into a museum. His studies of the laws governing movement of the planets and as a founder of astronomy.
Kepler goes to study theology, mathematics and astronomy at Tubingen. An explanation of the movement of planets.
The work of Copernicus and his findings that the sun was in fact the centre of the universe and that the earth was infact itself a planet.
Kepler was persuaded by Maestlin to take a teaching post at Graz. He published a book on the secrets of the Universe.
Religious persecution drove him away. He was commissed to work on the orbit of Mars. The ellipse - Keplers first law, second and third law of planetary motion.
His work on optics and the process of seeing in the eye. Refraction of light in the earths atmosphere. His death in 1630 when he wrote his own epitaph.

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