Film: 3639

Natural History | 1980 | Sound | Colour


Pets and pet ownership 1980's

Close up of puppy. Parrot in front of mirror. Cat. Spaniel. Guinea pig. Children at school. Children carrying transit cases with pets inside. A girl opens a hamster cage with lots of different obstacle courses and pets one of the hamsters, the other is seen in another part of the cage. Pet show. Hamster. Goldfish in a bag are lowered into a fish tank. Children's paintings and signs with information on animals, they position their cages and pets so people can see them. Gerbil chews at the metal bars of his cage. Children with dogs on leads coming into the school. Pets in different rooms, the cat room. Crowds of children in uniform. A hamster runs in its exercise wheel. The parrot in the mirror again. A duck preens itself. A white rabbit. A veterinarian goes around to all the pets and judges them, asking the children questions about them. Grooming Persian cat. Transferring goldfish from a bag to a fish tank. Budgerigar or budgie close up. Gerbil cage. Girl watches television in the living room with brother in chair close the tv, and the mother comes in to tell them the cat has to be fed. The girl heaves a sigh but goes to feed the cat. Close up ducks. Boys with rabbits in garden, the mom hangs out the wash while the boys try to keep the rabbits in one place. Dogs. Puppy being examined by PDSA (People's Dispensary for Sick Animals) vet. Views of a crowded room from the point of a puppy, all legs and knee socks. A boy squishes his face right up beside a cage, seen from the gerbils point of view. A woman throws her cat up in the air. Point of view of the cat. Dogs running in open space. Walking a dog on a leash in the early morning, the dog pulls hard on the leash and pulls the person along.
Gonville Primary School and Great Bookham Middle School appear.

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