Film: 3640

Newsreels + Film Magazines | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Noise Pollution and impaired hearing due to loud noise.

Industrial production. Conveyors. Coal tip and POLLUTION. Men wearing headphones in language school-type cubicles. Air testing. Food serving to medical volunteers. Salting food. Man on exercise bike wired up. Taking blood from volunteers ear.
Noise pollution - low angle shots of lorries. Testing sound. demonstration of spilling liquid from glass. Engine production line. Electric battery. Trying to fit ??? into over-full van. Weighing scales. Sodium floating on water. New style battery. Lubricated cutting wheels. Mixing oil and water - and then separating them. Factory smoke in South Wales. Factory dealing with toxic waste in South Wales. Lorring on weighing scale (weighbridge?) Taking test tube for testing. Labelled jars on shelves. Scrap metal. Incinerators dealing with oil tanks. Furnace. Man wired for tests. Pens mark results on paper automatically.

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