Film: 3645

Sport | 1950 | Sound | Colour


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BSA, 5,000 mile motorcycle race through 10 European countries and including the six-day trial as riders aim to win the Maude Trophy 1952

BSA factory in Birmingham UK, factory floor full of new production bikes. 3 bikes and riders selected for the European challenge. They set off from the factory in the rain and stop for fuel enroute to the ferry crossing. Great footage of BSA billboards as they leave Birmingham. The Arnhem ferry takes them to Holland, where bikes are scrutineered before continuing.
Contestants on ferry to Holland. Panoramic shot of Dutch countryside in the Netherlands, includes windmills. Contestants pose for group photo outside Dutch BSA dealership. Dutch street scene with tram and cyclists moving towards the camera. Bikes on motorway. Sign Antwerp. Group welcomed at a Belgian BSA dealer. A windmill scene before the shop front of another motorcycle dealer, other bikers gather outside to see the riders. A woman with a young girl in a red dress sit on one of the bikes. Riders leave town having been shown the way by a policeman. Map of motorcyclists' route. Scenes of Austrian village Bad Aussee, where the contestants gather from 12 countries for the tough 6 day trial portion of the contest. UK BSA riders carry out routine maintenance on their bikes before the trial. Contestants riding mountainous roads with snow and ice. Stops in villages for check points, hasty repairs are carried out on muddy bikes before continuing. Lots of motorcycling through the alps and mountain villages, locals watch on. Refuelling at Esso sponsored check point before a next leg of the Maude Trophy. Last minute repairs, spark plugs are changed on a BSA. Riders gather at the starting line. Molly Briggs, the only woman in the race, seated on her Triumph motorcycle. The riders all set off at once. Motorbikes race along twisty roads. Bikers take a break and enjoy sandwiches after the 6 day trial is completed. Map showing contest is half over and outlining next part of the route. More images of Bad Aussee as riders leave the village. Our 3 BSA contestants ride along a country road followed by their ACU escort. Crossing at the Austria / Germany border. Riding along alpine country roads continues. Streets of Dusseldorf. More country roads and a roadside lunch stop with sandwiches. Team arrive in Flensburg in the rain. Sign welcome to Denmark. Boarding the ferry to Copenhagen. Ferry to Malmo, Sweden, views back towards the port as the ferry leaves the harbour. Riders chat on deck during the ferry crossing. Arrival in Malmo port, bikes and riders disembark. Group receives a warm welcome at BSA dealerships and crowds gather to meet the team. Riders pose on their bikes for photos before leaving the city. Another city ride through. Journey continues through rural roads and villages to Oslo, Norway. Riders stop to enjoy a fjordland view. Bikes stopped beside a sign pointing to Oslo (30). Rural scenery. Two police motorcyclists meet team at Oslo and escort to city centre. Welcome reception. Final speed trials measured at Oslo aerodrome. Close up of timing apparatus used by Norwegian officials. Last repairs to three bikes. Individual speed trials commence. Ferry back from Norway to Newcastle UK. British contestants disembark ferry at Newcastle. BSA team wins Maude's Trophy, motorcycling magazine covers show the news. Close up of trophy.

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