Film: 3649

Places + Locations | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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Prospecting in Canada in Quebec 1940's

Geologist look at map. Bureau of Mines, close up as hand signs permit. Prospector waits, holding pipe to mouth. Northern Quebec: snowy prospecting village. Light planes on ice. Huskies being harnessed to sledge. Sled starts off, march across snowy plain. Plane taxis and in air. Men wave to it. Men in snow shoes. Sledge in wood. Close up of pipe smoking driver. Close up snow shoe-shod feet walking. Close up dogs feet. Unloading sled. Men take off rucksacks. Clearing ground for tent. Erecting tent using cut wooden poles. Large bundles of twigs used as ground insulation. Portable stove, ground sheet. Close up putting on snow shoes. Two men walk to plane, its propeller winding down. Talk to pilot outside plane. More pipes. Close up of signs written on paper. Plane on skis takes off. Men read by candlelight. Close up of checking compass. Men walk off with axes over shoulders. Use back of axes to hit stones. Use mini eye glass to examine rock fragments. Collecting samples in little bag. Both men use eye glass on sample then shake hands. Man writes notes in book. Staking a claim by chopping bark off tree and writing on wood. Close up using compass. Trim more trees. Close up book and man drawing square. Formalizing claim at Bureau of Mines. Man shows sheet of paper. Kisses Bible. Signs document. Puts claim in long envelope. Bureau of Mines laboratory and assay office. Scientist with microscope and tweezers. Men receive report back and read it. Spring time, Northern Quebec. Settlement, loading up canoes. Starting outboard and go past seaplane. Past rapids. Portage, where canoe carried around rapids. Canadian canoeing (more pipe smoking). Carrying sacks in woods. Two men sit at fire. Fixing metal tag to their claim. Stripping top soil with mattocks. Hammering metal spike into rock. Lighting fuse, explosion, going through rubble. Seaplane lands on lake. Man walks along float, shakes hand with two men. Chipping at rock and examining it. Samples. Three men in tent with candles, reading documents. Signing. Two men in office talking, one smoking cigar. Construction of log cabin, working on roof. Erection mine buildings, scaffolding, drills. Underground mining, miner pushes wagon, lamp. Lorry empties waste.

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