Film: 3650

Places + Locations | 1970 | Sound | B/W


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A sharp, snappy look at people and places across the USA, including New York, Washington and San Francisco, most of our journey made by car 1970's

Sunlight through branches. Sunlight on sea. Silhouette of a cactus. Trees at sunrise. San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge. Mountains at sunrise. Rocky landscape silhouette. Sun rising on a desert horizon. Busy main street at sunrise. A car drives towards the sun. Touchdown of a passenger plane. Cars on a busy motorway. Multi-laned freeway under a bridge. Cars overtaking each other on a bridge. A dog barking from a car window. Soaring skyscrapers. The tall building of plate glass. Flags flying outside a building. Cars and pedestrians at a busy intersection. People busily crossing a street. A skyscraper. Busy sidewalk, bus passing. Similar. People on the pavement. Mother and child in park. Folks outside a civic building. Child on kiddie cycle. Crowded sidewalk. Similar. Again. Again. And again. A couple by a fountain. Busy sidewalk. A clock tower. Sidewalk scene. Again. And again. Road between skyscrapers. Skyscrapers with statue in foreground. Aerial view of New York. The Statue of Liberty. New York harbour front. A picture of skyscrapers. A couple looking at pictures on sale by the roadside. Others browsing through posters for sale. An abstract painting. A bronze equestrian statue. Fashionably dressed shoppers. A drinks stall. 'Fridays' café- busy. People sit under sunshades outside a café. Well dressed people pass people sitting outside. Chic woman with food at her table. Children with their mother. Father with a camera. Looming skyscrapers. Skyline of Skyscrapers. Oriental tea service. Oriental chef sharpens his knife. He chops fish. He concentrates. Chopping fish again. Similar. Again. Again. He concentrates. Prepares meat. An oriental woman smiles. Seasoning added to meat. The chef adds pepper. The woman watches his preparation. Fast montage of sculptures outside, mostly modernistic. A couple walk amid the sculptures. Window models in chic clothes. Fast montage of clothes in windows. A fashion photographer winds his camera. He snaps two models by a fountain. Montage of similar shots. Modern sculpture of a man with a global representation. Montage of skyscrapers. Menu for 'La Grenoville'. Sauce poured on meat. Hands cut the meat. Wine is served in a glass. And drunk by a woman. And by a man. A cake is cut. Cake is served to the couple. Road car lights at night. Similar. People's shadows. Montage of the same. Road and city lights at night - a montage. Montage of neon lights and signs including New York City Ballett. A woman laughs. Leaf shadow. Walking feet. Neon signs, a montage, including smiling faces, street food being cooked, to show off the city at night, culminating in a panning and spinning view of a street.
Lobster pots thrown overboard from a fishing boat. Similar. Lobsters and shellfish being cooked. Chickens on a grill. Sweet corn is cooked and put on a plate. A young couple look out of a fairground ride (like a big wheel). Their view of the busy fair below. Milling fair goers. Children eat candy floss. Fair goers. A child has a go at shearing a sheep. Two girls with a lamb. A whistling fair ride. The ride from below. View from the big wheel. The big wheel turns. Children on a carousel. A spinning ride. A memorial in the shape of an obelisk. The obelisk with flag-poles round it in a circle (probably Washington). A neo-classical monument- steps leading up to columns, visitors on the steps. From inside, a view of the obelisk. Similar. A columned dome, surrounded by trees. Closer. A row of its columns. The White House seen from afar. The Senate and Congress building. The National Gallery of Art- another neo-classical building. Close on its sign. A neo-classical building seen over water. A similar one at dusk. Equestrian statues next a busy road, at dusk. We travel along a road. A bridge seen past trees. A busy freeway. Multi-laned freeway. A busy flyover. Cars drive on to a bridge. A junction. A road heading towards mountains. Similar. Road near a lake. Silhouetted trees. Road near the mountains and forest. Road behind bikers. We draw level with one of the bikers. The metal framework of a bridge. A combine harvester, seen from behind. From in front. View from above its blades. Aerial view of cereal fields. Similar. A wooded road in the Rocky Mountains. Similar. An undulating road. Aerial view of a coastal city and its condominiums. Street level scene of the gleaming white condos. A huge metal arch. An aerial view. A lamp-post, towers in background. Bridges and a paddle-steamer possibly on the Mississippi. A paddle-steamer named the 'Huck Finn'. A horse-drawn cart in New Orleans. Church spires seen through railings. The façade of an 18th century building-ornate. Horses and carts in New Orleans.
Native Americans in traditional costume, one bangs a drum while the other dances, probably near the Grand Canyon. The dancer. Closer. Two dancing. The group. Montage of the dancers performing a mock dance. The drummer watches. Head- dress and spear resting on a rock.
Historical reconstruction: A cowboy, his hand ready to draw his pistol descends steps. A sheriff watches. Cowboy boots walking. Hand near pistol. Sheriff watches. Montage of gunslinger and sheriff staring. The gunslinger shoots the sheriff. A cowboy on a roof looks about. He is shot. And falls off. He rolls in the dust. A crowd of tourists watches all this. Close-up of the tourists. Montage of signs and notices of the cowboy town. Montage of rodeo scenes cowboys being thrown off of horses and bulls. Montage of spectators in cowboy hats or stetsons. Montage of riders and spectators. A cowboy clings to a bull's neck. He drags it down. Montage of more cowboys being thrown about some great shots of bucking broncos and hurt riders. A couple of horses outside 'Triangle X' ranch. A man mounts a horse. Others mounted. They ride out. They ride out into hills. They ride, mountains in the distance. Similar. Again. And again. They come to a halt. Riding with mountains in the distance again. Spanish looking houses. Montage of cacti in desert landscapes. The Grand Canyon- visitors on horseback ride a narrow trail. The riders. View from horseback. The riders follow the trail. Similar. Again. And again. They enter a tunnel. And emerge.
Sun through branches, mountains in the distance. A dead tree. Lake with mountains in distance. Montage of mesas- desert plateaus. A waterfall in a forest. A mountain valley. A strong flowing river. Water gushing. A spouting geyser. Mount Rushmore carved gigantic heads of US presidents. Detail- Lincoln. Detail- Washington. All the heads. Anglers fish in a stream. One of the anglers with his rod. Another, at a small waterfall. An US Park Ranger in a motorboat. He drives away. Speeding motor boat on a lake. Bank seen from the boat. Silhouetted mountain plateau. Campers by the lakeside at dusk. A young woman cooks on an open fire. The burgers cooking. The family round the camp. The fire. The campers. Hamburgers being served. The fire and camp. Road in desert landscape. Similar. Again. Aerial view of desert. Cars along freeway. A nice shot of a motorway and flyover. Cars on motorway. A sign for 'Tucson'. The road towards mountains. Flyovers and their shadows. Driver (bearded man) and pan from car of road. The road by rocky shore. Winding road. Closer, then pan down to shore, sea and waterfall. The rocky coast. Wider. Waves on the rocky coast. Similar. Pan from car of coast. Same, of road. Of winding road. Of car behind. Shadowy trees- probably a redwood forest. A couple walk in forest, heavy shadows. A sign telling us about Redwood Burl. View up a redwood. Another. Cars on highway. We pass under a viaduct. The viaduct or bridge seen from below. Seen as we pass it. Montage of cars, motorway and signs.
San Francisco seen through Golden Gate Bridge. Pan from car of road over bridge. We drive through a tunnel. Busy roads in a narrow valley. Montage of car's pan of passing vehicles and horses. Montage of shop and bar signs, interspersed with pedestrians' faces and modern public sculptures, a tram, ascending lift. Montage of car's pan as we descend that famous steep and winding road in San Francisco and join another road. City square with trees, benches, palms and central column, ringed by a busy road. Taxis pass by. Montage of pedestrians walking, eating on the sidewalk. A tram driver turns his tram on a roundabout. People watch. Montage of yachts in the harbour or marina. Very fast montage of buildings, cars and road. Sign for 'Disneyland'. Montage of sites and scenes at Disneyland including car ride, monorail. A man in a gorilla suit runs up to us. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (costumes) dance in the street. Similarly, Captain Hook. Piglet costumes. A ride. Montage of surfers. Montage of beach scenes- bathers, sunbathers (i.e.: women in bikinis). Beach buggy montage- the drivers, a couple, smiling. Montage of go-kart racing the karts and spectators.
A busy street in China town- lots of Chinese signs. Montage of Chinese signs, lanterns and Chinese pedestrians. Model of a Samurai. Closer. Japanese restaurant menu, mushroom soup. Waitress serves a couple in a traditional Japanese restaurant. Closer, young black woman eating. Again. The couple eating (he is white, she is black). Montage of trams full of passengers. Montage of architectural styles including Chinese, Gothic and surreal. Montage of views of the city buildings, public sculptures, fountains etc. the emphasis on modern, cool style, culminating in the sharp angles of a modern building and sunset over an artificial lake with fountains. Credits superimposed over a roof top view of San Francisco. Credits over a combine harvester at work in a field. Credits over Spanish architecture (possibly a church seen through an arch). Credits over a desert scene a mesa. Similar. Credits over a bridge. Pan Am Logo. Credits over a city at night, an aeroplane in the sky.

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