Film: 3652

Feature Comedy | 1910 | Silent | B/W


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Chaplin comedy 1918
"Dawn brings a day that looks like being draughty." Chaplin is sleeping on the street. "As this poor tramp was always allergic to draughts!'. There is a hole in the wall so he decides to cover it with something and he goes back to sleep. "A hot dog merchant brings thoughts of breakfast". Chaplin wakes up with the smell and decides to have breakfast. Through the hole he takes some food. A policeman sees him and he has to put the sausage back.The policeman tells him to leave but he doesn't want to. He runs away from the cop. He makes the policeman stop to tie his shoe and he makes him tie the other one as well. He kicks the policeman and he is makes fun of him but behind him there is another police man that he hasn't seen. He runs away from the two policemen and he has to pass another one. "Wanted! Strong men for sewer work bring recommendation." (sign on a board) Men aren't interested. Chaplin comes in and sees a different thing on another board: "Men wanted for Brewery". He goes in first and then the other men follow him. Chaplin is trying to go first but he never can. A fat man comes in and when he sits down Chaplin falls." "Scraps"_ _ a really thoroughbred mongrel!". A little dog is sleeping and when he wakes up he starts playing. He goes for a walk and a policeman scares him. Chaplin is sitting on the street looking for food when he sees some dogs fighting. He tries to save the little dog and they almost destroy the town.When the dog is safe they sit and Chaplin gives some milk to him. They got to a restaurant and the dog starts eating some food that is on the table. Chaplin has an idea and starts eating the food too. When the man looks at him the food isn't all on the table. When he turns Chaplin stops eating so he doesn't know how it happened. "Nearby was a cheap dance hall and café." Chaplin cannot go in there with the dog so he decides to put the dog inside his pants. He tells one man that the dog is there and he takes it off. "A poor girl,forced to entertain the rowdy customers." She starts dancing with Chaplin and the dog. Chaplin falls down and then it the same happens to a woman.They go to a bar and there is a cup on the table. When a man asks him what he wants he starts drinking. "How about paying to the lady?" Chaplin gives the cup to her,he is kicked out but before he tries to finish the drink. "A couple of crooks scent an easy prey." Two men stole some money and when they see the police they start running away. The man hide the money under the ground. "Hiding the loot until the chase dies down." He goes back to the dance hall. "Back to his old home." Chaplin goes back with his dog. "There seem to be strangers in our midst!" One of the robbers wants to dance with the girl but she doesn't want to. "If you can't please the customers,out you go!" When Chaplin is sleeping the dog finds the money. "Now he has some money,he returns to the dance hall to see Edna." The man tells him to get out but he shows him the money.The robbers see him when he shows the money."We can settle down in the country,run a farm and raise a family." "Charlie's dreams always had the same awakening!" The robbers take the money from him and put him outside but he decides to go in again and get the money back. He punches one of the men on the head when the other one is not looking he uses his hands to ask the other one for the money. Then he hits the other one and leaves but first he takes all the money with him. The man on the bar sees Chaplin and takes the money from him. When the first man wakes up and see a broken bottle he thinks that the other one did it and they start fighting with each other. Then they see Chaplin with the money and they all start fighting. When Chaplin has the money he runs away and the rest of the people follow him. The money falls down and the dog catches it and runs away. The police come in and take the robbers with them. "The day come at last when all their dreams were to come true." The girl is making something to drink and Chaplin is working outside of the house. Then he comes in and they both look very happy. "Heaven had indeed blessed their union." Then we see the dog with lots of little dogs or puppies.

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