Film: 3655

Feature Drama | 1960 | Sound | B/W


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London 1189. King Richard the Lionheart and a few followers have returned to London from France. They are on horseback and ride slowly through medieval London. Citizens look worried. Mother takes her child indoors from fear. Blondel speak to citizens - King's brother has spread alarming stories. King rides on to Tower of London.

Shot of entrance, then interior. A man hurriedly collects cutlery and dishes from table, then runs off. Richard and suite enter. Place is deserted. Handkerchief bears monogram of Queen Mother. Servant says that Queen Mother has been carried off by Prince John (brother of King). King says he won't be crowned till he has rescued his mother. Scenes of horseman galloping across country. Queen has been dropping small articles of jewellery as a 'trail'. These are sought by followers of Prince John and of Richard. Scene of a fight in a wood between the two factions.

King's men win and set off for Woodstock where Queen is held. Shot of exterior of Woodstock Castle. Next, room in castle - Prince John and the Queen. Queen asks for freedom to leave, John refuses. He hopes to become King. John heard that Richard's men are nearby and decides to leave after dark.

Next, King and followers are seen in disguise in a market. King takes over a pedlars stall for time. Messenger from castle comes to ask that wares be brought to castle - Queen need combs, hairpins to replace those she discarded on her way to Woodstock. Blondel brings goods to the Queen. Sells some trinkets, then runs away when he hears that the real pedlar has betrayed Richard and his men. Scene of confusion and flight in village. King and co. escape. They are seen hiding in a wood. Queen has given Blondel a buckle with 'Mortmain' on it.

Royal party set off for the ruined castle of Mortmain. Interior of Mortmain Castle. John and Queen argue. She will not support his claim to throne. John sends message to governor of Pomfret Castle telling him that Richard has gone to Palestine and that John is in charge now. Next scene Richard sends to Pomfret as King for 100 men at once. Richard and two of his men overpower two guards at Pomfret and borrows their clothes. They get inside and Richard finds the Queen. Scenes of struggle - other guards are killed. John appears and confronts Richard. Men from Pomfret arrive and John is driven away in defeat. Queen will become Regent while Richard goes off to the Crusade.

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