Film: 3656

Feature Comedy | 1930 | Sound | B/W


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Ballet drama. With Imogene Coca 1930's

Bitter and wrathful dance master conducts dancers in rehearsal. Camera focuses on girl who is gawky and sullen, out of place with the rest of the group. The choreographer's competitor, Madame Gounod, asks for a stand-in and they send the "bashful ballerina". She arrives at the audition wearing a ridiculous tutu, in comparison with the other Swan Lake attired dancers. Predictable disaster. She muddles her moves, gets in the way, adjusts her shoes. Meanwhile the choreographer also loses a dancer to injury and the fiasco repeats itself at another audition. The original ballerina then comes on despite her injury and the male dancers work the impostor into the piece. When the piece is over it receives flowers and a standing ovation. The flowers are given to the original ballerina as her substitute exits with one bunch. In the basement a girl prepares to rise up through a trap door. She leaves for a minute and "bashful ballerina" takes her place, girl emerging through a cake amidst a banquet to perform comically for the guests.

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