Film: 3659

History | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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Shots of various castles and ruins 1940's

Animated. Bayeux tapestry: Building William the Conqueror's castle. Illustration of Norman castle design and function. Shots of castles built on hillsides and coasts. Castle life (illus.). Castle under siege. The battering ram. Giant slingshots, stones ripping holes in castle walls. Restructuring of castle to protect against siege. Parapets, arrow slits. Flanking towers. Castle entrance, portcullis. 13th century, castles built with added defence, with moat, double-walled 'concentric castle'. Post-medieval baronial 'homes, rather than strongholds'.
Largely animated film, but with some historical reconstruction of soldiers or archers defending a castle.
History of the development of English and Welsh castles from the Norman period to late medieval period. Includes shots of The Tower of London, Bamburgh Castle, Bodiam Castle, Rochester Castle and Pevensey Castle amongst others.

Large walled castle on motte, fortified hill from the middle ages. Ruined castle, railway line running along base, steam train puffing. Ruined fortified tower, possibly Rochester Castle, situated next to cathedral and water, possibly River Medway. Ruined castle on hill, possibly in Welsh marches. Ruins of castle, stones and ruined walls. Panning down piece of ruined castle wall. Ruined Norman motte castle, small ruined wall on earthern mound. Norman motte or earthwork fortifications, small man made hill.

Bayeaux Tapestry, scene depicting Norman fortifications, cartoon figures in Bayeaux Tapestry digging earthworks. High earth mound or motte. Cartoon of motte and bailey style castle, of one large mound surrounded by ditch next to shallower mound again surrounded by a ditch. Cartoon of motte and bailey castle with wooden fence or palisade and wooden tower on the motte, cartoon fences and buildings added to the bailey. Cartoon of motte and wooden tower. Bayeux Tapestry. Cartoon of Bayeux Tapestry, knights setting fire to castle. Cartoon of Bayeux Tapestry. Bamburgh Castle next to sea. Castle on rocky ledge, buildings and river in foreground possibly Richmond in Yorkshire. Stone castle built on motte close up of tower, called shell keep. Aerial view of stone motte and bailey castle. Stone tower or keep, built in bailey aerial view of castle. Plain stone keep or castle. White Tower of The Tower of London. Large stone keep possibly Castle Rising in Norfolk.

Drawing of keep of castle. Drawing of ground floor of castle showing the well, stores of food and weapons. Drawing of exterior of castle keep. Drawing of entrance gateway to castle keep. Cutaway drawing of first floor of castle keep with soldiers. Drawing of cut away of castle keep showing second floor with the Great Hall. Interior of Great Hall in stone keep of castle. Stone fireplace built at side of Hall, panning out to show Great Hall. Doorway at edge of Great Hall. Drawing to show room being used as private room by lady and children. Drawing to show top floor of castle keep. Stone recesses in top floor. Austere stone Norman style chapel possibly in Tower of London. Drawing of exterior of castle keep showing protected entrance. Drawing of top of keep showing stone parapet, showing cartoon figures throwing stones and shooting arrows. Drawing of keep in bailey surrounded by thick wall, arrows illustrating attack by enemy. Drawing to show battering ram attacking castle walls. Drawing showing soldiers attacking castle wall with a bore, loosening the foundations. Drawing of man using bore. Hole in wall being filled with brushwood and being set alight. Cartoon of wall collapsing. Drawing of castle keep and bailey showing attack by enemies. Cartoon of giant sling. Drawing of sling with heavy stone inside. Drawing of stone hurtling towards castle keep. Drawing of stone attacking castle. Cartoon of giant sling. Cartoon of battering ram.

Cartoon of attacked castle. Cartoon of square keep turning into one with rounded corners. Rounded corner of Rochester castle in Kent. Keep of Rochester Castle. Strong exterior stone wall of bailey. Stone parapet on top of stone wall, man dressed as medieval archer aims from gap in parapet. Man dressed as medieval archer shoots arrow and hides behind parapet. Man dressed as medieval archer firing arrow through slit. Flanking towers built along wall guarding Bailey. Cartoon of archer firing arrow with trajectory marked by white lines. Cartoon of attack of Bailey by mining party tunnelling alongside Bailey wall. Cartoon of archer leaning out of parapet to fire directly below him, archer is shot through by an arrow. Cartoon of archer falling off parapet and landing on ground. Cartoon of exterior wall. Cartoon of bailey wall with wooden hoarding built along top. Drawing of wooden hoarding with archer firing through gap at bottom. Drawing of wooden hoarding surmounting exterior wall. Drawing of Bailey wall. Flanking towers at intervals in bailey wall. Man dressed as medieval archer stands in parapet of flanking tower, pans down to show bottom of flanking tower and across to right to show other man dressed as archer firing an arrow. Body of man at base of tower, pans up to show archer at top of tower aiming bow.

Possibly Pevensey Castle, with rounded flanking towers in bailey wall, surrounded by moat. Ruined rounded flanking tower at Pevensey Castle with arrow slits and large hole at base. Ruined rounded flanking tower at Pevensey Castle with arrow slits and large hole at base. Ruined rounded flanking tower at Pevensey Castle. Large bailey walls, possibly in Wales, Carnarvon Castle?

Later medieval period castle gatehouse panning down from top to bottom with gate at bottom of stone gatehouse. Gate with raised portcullis. Man in chain mail, dressed as medieval soldier pulls rope, winding gear for the portcullis. Close-up of wooden portcullis slowly moving downwards. Wooden portcullis in gateway slowly closing. Castle gatehouse seen face on with large stone parapet. Close up of parapet showing large holes cut in base of stone parapet. Near vertical view of holes cut in stone parapet from bottom of gatehouse. Cauldron of hot stones poured through holes in parapet, seen from parapet. Stones falling through holes in parapet. Gatehouse, showing stones falling through holes in parapet. Gatehouse, showing stones falling through holes in parapet, falling onto ground below. Drawing of re-inforced castle with gatehouse rounded flanking towers around bailey. Drawing of keep. Ruined stone keep with ruined additional buildings at its base around bailey wall. Ruined lords apartments around bailey wall. Drawing of castle and bailey showing ways of how an enemy could attack.

Aerial view of Bodiam Castle, East Sussex, ruined shell situated in large moat. Bodiam Castle seen from across waters of moat. Aerial view of ruined concentric castle, stone ruins of two sets of walls. Moat with round flanking tower, panning over to show walls and further ruined rounded towers. Ruined concentric castle seen from across moat. Ruined concentric castle, mountain in background, possibly in Wales. Bodiam Castle, East Sussex, fields in background. Herstmonceux Castle in Sussex, seen from front. Fortified manor house possibly Compton Wynates in Warwickshire, comprising medieval stone gatehouse attached to medieval mansion, set in parkland. Close-up of front of fortified manor house, showing stone gatehouse on front of medieval mansion. Exterior of fortified manor house with great hall with large glass windows. Internal courtyard in fortified manor house, with glass windows, two storey building surrounding. Close up of exterior of Great Hall window, mullioned glass window. Exterior of fortified hall from across parkland. Earthwork motte "castle" fortifications. Large ruined stone keep possibly Castle Rising. Large stone bailey wall of castle. Aerial view of concentric castle. Ruined castle, possibly Pevensey Castle, small squat round towers. Ruined castle seen from within ruined living quarters in castle keep, panning to show crumbling brickwork. Window in castle wall. Fragments of ruined castle walls standing amidst solitary stones. Possibly Corfe Castle, ruined shell of a keep on a hill. Bamburgh Castle seen from across the beach with sea in foreground.

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