Film: 3661

Social History | 1970 | Sound | Colour


Child lost at the zoo 1970's

Crazy American school bus driver in his yellow bus drives around, pins pictures of animals to children. Funky music score. On the bus the kids are unruly. He shouts at them. Visit to San Diego zoo. The driver / teacher guy tells the children not to stray. Petting zoo. Feeding the animals. A small boy eats the animal food. Seal show. Chick hatches from an egg. Bus ride around the zoo with commentary. Adult is getting tired. One boy runs off to catch a balloon. He gets lost while the others are preparing to leave. He fantasises he is being chased by a scary fat hunter with a big net. He falls down a hill. He is caught in the net. Scary fish eye lens pint of views of cackling adults, all designed to scare kiddies. Bus driver realises the boy is missing. He runs back into the zoo to search for him. He finds the boy in a huddle, crying. Teacher man buys them all balloons, they shout with delight.

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