Film: 3668

Medicine | 1940 | Sound | B/W


Nurses reuniting on New Years Eve. Reminiscing on their work in a cafe. Queen's District Nurses 1940's

Woman waits alone on steps on St. Paul's Cathedral, London. She paces up and down, looks at her watch, it is very dark. Another woman arrives, they kiss. The two women walk in night streets to a café. They enter. Waiter shakes their hands. They are seated. He gives them a rose each. The women talk. They remember the classes they went on. Nurses in uniform and hats lecturer in white coat with diagrams of the human body on the board. The women sit in rows. Nurses in uniform at a large tea table. They receive letter saying they have qualified as state registered nurses. One nurse help another adjust their uniform. Leaving the nurses' college for jobs around the world. Queen Mary reviews the nurses who march past. Waiter serves the girls bread from he basket. They drink soup. Nurses Home in London. Nurses sit in living room. Senior nurse gives cut work. Poor slum street, nurse knocks on front door. She goes up and sees girl in bed who had tuberculosis. She takes girls temperature. Mother boils milk over fire. The interior of the house is one of poverty. Reference made to girl having to go to a sanatorium. Mother with children go to the door. Boy puts on his glasses. Doctor arrives in a car, they greet each other at the door of poor family. Nurse bandages old man's leg as he sits in front of the fireplace. He wears a wing collar. Nurse with woman in kitchen. She helps woman to seat by window, who is severely disabled. She sits doing a jigsaw puzzle with stunted hands and fingers. Children play in the street. Woman runs onto street and nurse goes with her up the stairs. Daughter lies with head in a gas oven. Nurse drags her out of oven. Mother phones. Nurse starts resuscitation techniques to get her to breath again. The suicide attempt opens her eyes. Nurse sighs with relief. The women eat in the restaurant. Nurse leaves the house in the dark. Driving car in the night to farmer's wife who is having a baby. Nurse puts on a mask. Gas and air machine for pain. Primitive house, mother in bed. Nurse scrubs her hands. Sterilizes equipment. Close up of mother's face, wobbly line, then twins in bed with mother. Nurse visits old man in a shack. Man lived alone for 27 years with his dogs in a wooden hut. Medicine for bronchitis. Grumpy looking man refuses his medicine then drinks it, but then throws it in her face. She pours him another one. He drinks this time. She goes to house where there is a case of diphtheria. The child is in bed. Nurse prepares for an operation in the sitting room. She lights the lamp, clears the table, doctor and nurse operate on child on kitchen table. Man arrive at a restaurant. Health visitor near the sea. She gets around by horse to lonely croft like farm. Over crowding and poverty in rural areas. Dirty house, table covered in junk. Babies in prams and cots. She teaches family about hygiene. Nurse rows a boat to the islands. She rows to shore with a few houses on the beach. Man with septic leg. People in poor house. Kettle from the fire. She bandages his leg. She use lobster pot as cradle to help weight of bed clothes on the leg.

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