Film: 3669

Feature Comedy | 1920 | Silent | B/W


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Party at the Doodlebaum home attended by Papa ('a widower') and son Asher ('a pest'). They arrive in a cloud of smoke (car trouble) and ask for a mechanic's 'inexpensive' help. Inside, Asher performs a pas de deux with a fat girl three times his size, then interferes with the usual magician's feats, causing ruin and the magician's mortified departure. Meanwhile Papa chats up the overdressed, overweight fat, but 'very rich' widow Finkelhermer. Asher, causes troubles here, too, hiding on a windowsill behind his father and the window. Papa denies knowledge of Ashers identity, then invites the widow out for a ride. Mechanic has made a mess of the car. Pieces fall off the car and the whole thing is flattened by a passing water-sprayer. What remains of the car disappears down a drain. Then as business is low, the mechanic comes into Papa's shop to buy a suit. Papa looks baffled, until the mechanic announces all is fair and square and refuses to pay. He locks Papa into the shop and is run over by a car. Papa and the widow marry. She still does not know about Asher. Asher sends a note saying he is going to dress as a maid in order to live with Papa. He sneaks into the house, watched by an indignant widow, who thinks Papa is being unfaithful. Widow looks through window and sees 'maid' undressing and giggling with Papa. Widow leaves. Asher runs after her in womens' underclothes to 'tell the truth' and is stopped then chased by a policeman. Asher hides in a barrel and emerges covered in oil. Lawyer comes to prove Papa's innocence, they find him washing Asher in the bath. Papa finally tells everyone the 'maid', cross dressing, transvestite, is his son. Widow shakes hands with Asher, then admits that she has a son too. Papa is horrified when he finds out the widow's son is none other than the mechanic.

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