Film: 3674

London | 1980 | Sound | Colour


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Kew Gardens, London 1980's

Shots of Kew greenhouse from all angles: exterior, longshot, interior, ground level, ceiling, etc. Plant and flower close ups. Hyandis historic collection. Scientific research. Princess of Wales greenhouse. Aerial view of gardens. Vaporizers. Graham Lucas (preserved plants). Herbarium. Plant cataloguing and classification. Library of preserved specimens, including those collected by Charles Darwin. Botanical illustration. Palm trees (John Dransfield), rattan. Forest. Coconut. Margaret Johnson, cytology laboratory. Insects. Plant-derived Aids research. Studying the possible medical benefits of Castoraspernum Australi (?) in in Aids research. Its sap dripping into a medical jar for the use of researchers and specialists at St Mary's Hospital, Paddington. Interview with Linda Fellowes, a senior biochemist. She explains that ten years before no-one had heard of Aids and that this plant provides a good example of our changing perceptions of what is economic. Plant pollen observed via electron microscopy. Wakehurst Place seed bank. Roger Smith.

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