Film: 3675

Industry + Work | 1970 | Sound | Colour


A film on banking 1970's

Good shots of city workers by Bank of England and Bank tube (underground) station, London. Lots of coins dropping off a hand, onto a table. Cheques being processed. City workers coming out of Bank tube (underground) station. Security van driving through the City of London.

Explanation of bank processes and functions. Earning and spending (construction workers, family in sports shop - kids trying on swimming goggles and flippers). Cheque cards and credit cards. How a cheque is processed. Bank clearing-houses. accounts on magnetic disc. Some rather large computers. Electronic transmission of money. Instant tellers. People taking money out of cash machine at a Nat West Bank branch. Furniture shop. Ladies' shoe department. A man at a restaurant, paying the bill by VISA credit card. The waiter takes away the card and process payment. A couple in a travel agent, paying their holiday by ACCESS credit card. BACS (Bankers' Automated Clearing Service). Suburban Barclays branch (Slough West branch). Bank employees. Adjusting currency exchange. Uncovering machines. Sorting post. Opening safe. Cashiers' tills. Customers in branch. Seeing the bank manager. Deed boxes. Foreign currencies, trade. Queues. Inquiries, statements. Bank manager on farm. Security vans. Traffic in City of London. Car mechanic. Family buying ice lollies. Seaside resort, men in flares, people walking. Burger and hot dog stand. Crowded beach, ice cream van. Man getting on a bus, paying his fare to the driver. Road sign - Threadneedle Street. Bank branch closing, letting customers out. Cashiers balancing tills. Sorting cheques. Loading cash dispenser. Night time London - neon lights of Piccadilly Circus, The City (outside the Bank of England).

(Good 1970's fashion and hair style thoughout the film)
, includes footage of Tony Caunter ("Roy" in Eastenders)

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