Film: 3676

Industry + Work | 1950 | Sound | Colour


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Johannesburg in South Africa Australia Venezuela 1950's

Gold ore being blasted out of the ground. Machinery and the process for finding gold. Shell representative goes underground. Testing a lubricating oil for pneumatic rock drill.
Brisbane in Australia. Ron Archer a test cricketer who works for Shell. Playing cricket, bowling. Playing for Queensland in match against Victoria. 1956 English Tour.
Venezuela in South America.
Coast. Primitive ploughing and crops. Crops destroyed by disease. Reclaimed land and irrigation. Shell Service Station carrying out experiments on killing weeds, sprays and fungicides tested.
Informing farmers by meeting them and producing and printing a news bulletin.
Oil Drums. West Indies oil drums being used for music. Limbo - dancing under a bar. Making musical drums and tuning.
Drilling rig. Trinidad carnival with the theme United Nations. U.S. Marines, Mickey Mouse, Girls with garlands, Indians and representatives from other Nations.

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