Film: 3679

Industry + Work | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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Smiths Industries in near Neath and Swansea Wales 1960's

Young couple. Waterfall over rocks in a wood. Waterfall under credits. Sound of male voice choir singing. Man fishing under a bridge in a weir. Rural landscape, sheep with a raddle mark stands in the grass. The setting is south Wales in June in the Swansea Valley. A great opera singer built herself a castle and miniature theatre in Swansea Valley in 1890's. Castle is now the Adelina Patti hospital which was a tb sanatorium till 1959. Opera lovers line up to see the Neath Opera Group perform. Selwyn Morris and wife are in audience. They are from Ystradgynlais. Opera goers are wearing smart clothes, men in black bow ties, women in gloves but not evening gowns. Exterior of theatre. Back of queue of people entering theatre. Clock strikes 7 pm. Selwyn and wife are in the audience. He is a member of the Ystradgynlais Male Voice Choir. Opera starts, Selwyn and wife look attentive. Purple curtains open to reveal stage set and singers at a ball. View of castle in valley. Red bus bound for Craig-Y-Nos comes up hill. A shop run by C.P. and N. Price; woman in flat above paints window frames. Pamela Gliss is decorating room, painting door frames. Her mum brings in a cup of tea. Aerial view of Watch Factory. Workers arrive at factory, by bus, bicycle, car or walking. The women enter the factory in their white overalls. Pamela sits at her work station and starts putting together a wristwatch. Close up of tweezers and tiny screwdriver being used by Pamela to put wristwatch together in the dust free assembly department. Pamela's mum inspects the wristwatches and puts them into packaging before leaving the factory. Inserts a guarantee card into a box labelled Smiths. Selwyn works in the drawing office. Close up of him looking at wristwatch which reads 10 minutes to 8. Women clocking out. Smiths clock reading 4 pm, finishing time. Colliery pit head. Pam and her boyfriend, Davy drive to the coast. They walk down coastal path to a beach on the Gower Peninsula. Beach scenes. Pamela and John run into the sea. Male voice choir rehearsal. Close up of singers. Ladies make the tea with huge teapots. Ladies serve the tea. Male choristers stand around and drink tea. Management meeting at Smiths regarding a new project to increase production, decrease production time and compete with companies from abroad. Preplanning detailed drawing for a new line of wristwatches, in the drawing office. Draughtsmen in conference with the process engineer. Close up of diagram of wristwatch components. Trial with paper components to check ease of fitting them together. Chief draughtsman checks plans. Making the prototype of the new wristwatch. Close up of precision engineering of the timepiece components. Interchangeability of parts illustrated in close up. Finished version of each component completed. Close up of drill, drilling into back of a wristwatch. Tooling up for full-scale production, more examples of precision engineering. Quality testing for accuracy of wristwatch parts. Fast production of wristwatch parts by machine, set to fab 1960's music. Majority of workers appear to be women. Hand assembly of wristwatches and machine assembly by skilled women operators. Close up of detailed work putting wheels together. Shot of factory floor of tables and women doing skilled precision work assembling analogue wristwatches. Close up completed working wristwatch. Selwyn helps Pam out with a query. Animation of wristwatch face together. Autumn in south Wales. Pamela and Davy get married, she wears a fetching straight white long shift, tiara headdress and bouffant veil and hair.

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