Film: 3684

Education | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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School and university life. Prospects of a boy to go to University 1960's

Headmaster and teacher discussing students' future and career. Boy writing exam. Parents discussing boy's future. Girl running along canal towpath. She stops by a bridge to talk to the boy about his exams. Cut to director and producer squabbling over film in viewing room (self-reflexive cinema). Boy talking to careers officer. Map of polytechnics and colleges. Shots of various colleges. Boy with bags, walking towards college building. Engineering machinery and lectures. Electronics. Acoustics. Nuclear reactor. Chemical analysis. Return to viewing room. Plans for girl? Girl as photographer. Dark room, developing. Studying architecture / town planning. Use of design. Model-scale buildings. Girl studying sociology, biology, pharmacy, catering, running a restaurant, computers (footage of early computers). Sandwich courses. Work experience combined with studies. General studies course. Language labs. Using the library. Halls of residence. Student union. Drama group rehearsing. Television production. Fencing, karate, weights, trampolining. John and Mary outside college with graduation gowns and degrees. They take over the film's ending by leaving the shot.

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