Film: 3685

Medicine | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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Malaria 1940's

Animation of transmission of infection. Mosquito bites man, plasmodia multiply inside insects, bites another man. Women work in fields, nurse pulls blanket over victim. Animation of plamodia multiplying in RBCS. Animations of proboscis of mosquito. Passage of gametocytes into mosquito. Production of spolozoites, invasion of man, production of nerozoites, be-spectacled man examines drawer of labelled mosquitoes, (Anopheles, Colex). Close up of preserved insects. Live female anophelene mosquito on skin, laying eggs on water, close up of eggs, development of pupae, photography of adult emerging, feeding, stagnant pools, puddles, stream, marshes. Locals around village well, woman takes water from fountain. Thong-wearing natives drain swamp, white men spraying using 'back packs'. Scientist sprays insecticide on dishes in lab. Close up dying mosquitoes, spraying inside of building. Man in pith helmet wades through swamp with huge ladle, man uses microscope, child with swollen abdomen, doctors examine. Blood sampling, crowd of natives being spoken to by scientists, men with spraying apparatus. Use of speedboats, horses. Boy takes pill.

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