Film: 3686

Places + Locations | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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The South West of the United States 1940's

"Water for a dry Land" scratched River Colorado. Desert. Railroads. Man stops truck and puts water in radiator. Oasis town of Baker. Man waters garden. Thermometer at 114 degrees F. Lizard. Wind and sand. Abandoned plank road. Derelict streets (ghost towns). Death Valley. Mount Witney. Snow on mountains. Snow melts. Streams and Colorado River. Man fishing. Hoover Dam. Power plant generators, electricity cables. Los Angeles: steam train, street scenes and suburbs. Car manufacture. Aircraft making. Port of Los Angeles, irrigation. All American canal. Agriculture and tractor. Mexican, Japanese and Chinese workers. Tomatoes, melons, Underground water. Citrus fruit. Fruit packing. Water piped to L.A. Fountain. Swimming, drinking fountains and gardeners. Modern kitchen and bathroom site, washbasin and shower. Iced water. Lights & electricity.

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