Film: 3689

Places + Locations | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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Caracas (capital city of Venezuela in South America) Documentary about development in Caracas up to the 1950's with an emphasis on the modernization of society.

Night view of the city. Two equal high rises in the distance.

Dawn. City view of Caracas from a hill, twin towers at a distance, are the tallest buildings in the scene. Man in bed waking up to an alarm clock at 6am, stretches arm to turn off the alarm. Street in Caracas with cars. Colonial architecture. Little boy, long trousers, white shirt. Short sleeves. Walks down a street. Large windows overlooking street, with wooden doors. Metal bars. Little boy approaches a woman at window to sell her a lottery ticket. Older woman, gray hair in a bun. Chequered dress. Well-groomed. Woman looks at ticket and walks away from the window. Young man knocks on door number 23. Long trousers, white shirt, short sleeved, with light colored jacket hung over the shoulder. Older man with hat steps out to greet young man. Adult man next to motorbike, carries newspaper to a house with modern construction. Small windows, white walls. He walks on a garden path paved with stone. Tea poured from a porcelain tea pot to a porcelain saucer. Table cloth with flower design. Man in police uniform eating fried eggs with metal fork and knife, on glass type of plate. Fernando, a taxi driver, is in his taxi cab, driving. He wears a suit. Police Lieutenant Garcia, previously seen eating eggs, is on his motorbike driving down a street. Palm trees line the street. He wears a khaki brown police uniform, with a black belt, gold buttons. Two boys in school uniforms are reading papers by a door step. They get up to catch the school bus. School bus. Miss de Alvarez walks down the steps of her house. White blouse with lace ruffles on the sleeves. Off the shoulder. Flowery skirt. Tight at the waist, black belt, flowing thereafter. Black handbag, high heels. Hails a taxi and gets inside. Taxi cab with wide ample space in second row. Mr. Morelo, an executive, wears a dark suit and tie and white shirt. Leaves a modern house with trees. Gets into a waiting large car, driven by a chauffeur. Newspaper boy selling newspaper. People walking on a street. Skirts mid-calf. Boys in khaki shorts or trousers and white shirts, and girls in white dresses. White socks and flat black shoes, walk up the stair of a school. Some carry school brief cases. City street scene. Cars, people. Lots of modern construction. Wide avenue that splits into two avenues. Hills with trees around Caracas. Green rolling hills, valley. Black charcoal drawing of Caracas in colonial times. Church steeples. Map of Venezuela, with Caracas on it. Colonial building, with tiled roof, large balconies with modern doors and metal grids. Inside house, high ceilings. Chandeliers hanging from ceiling. Wooden furniture. Mirrors. Big windows floor to ceiling, draped curtains. Large carpets. Ceramic tiles on floor. Symmetric pattern. Columns over looking a patio. Modern door frame. Outside patio. Water fountain. Plants.

Catholic altar. Statues of Virgin Mary, Joseph holding the baby Jesus. Wood carving or ceramic. Lots of gold, decorations. Paintings of battle scenes. Painting depicting first call for liberty from the Spanish Kingdom. Men on horses fighting. Men with care chests lying wounded on the ground. Soldiers, Indians, civilians on horses moving ahead to fight. Man with arm cut-off on top of another man. Men on horses step on the ground. Attack led by Caracas born Simon Bolivar. He is wearing a dark tight jacket and is riding a white horse. Statue of Simon Bolivar on a horse. Building that appears to be a theatre.

Water fountain in the middle of a garden. Lots of trees. Farming estate on the outside of Caracas. Estate house has tiled roof. Columns. Home outside estate house. Little houses, one floor, tiled roof. First suburban development project "Paraiso" (Paradise. Concrete buildings, pavements. Saplings. Water fountain with palm tree on a the top and above the palm tree a nude statue of a woman.

1943: Scenes of "El Silencio" (The Silence), a suburban complex in Caracas. Rectangle in the middle for trees, benches to sit on, paved walk ways. Around it concrete buildings with seven (7) floors. Large arches on first floor for walking and shops. Cars in the street. Hills at the back. Street scenes of Caracas. Cars, shops. Seven floor high buildings. View of street on hill. One floor houses. Cement pavements. Narrow streets.

Signs of shops: "Casa Santana", "Pinturas Pittsburgh", "VOGUE", "GE", "AVENSA". Lots of signs, electrical cables everywhere, telephone poles.

One floor houses. Tiled roofs. Electrical wires. Houses have colonial architecture.
Highways scene with cars. Hills at the back. Four stores, modern construction on the side. White car on highway. White car is now going up a street in an area of small houses. Views of the hills at the back. View of two modern towers, highway goes underneath the twin towers. Man in suit and tie and hat drives a horse driven carriage through the streets. Walking salesman offers a jar with honey for sale. Woman resting arm on cushion by the window of her house shakes her head indicating she's not interested. Man wears a hat. Horse drawn carriage of fruit seller. Banana, onion, baskets. Metal scale. Wooden carriage. Loose leaf newspaper attached to string. Woman in a black dress, dark glasses walks in the park. Young man and woman walk in park. Band in the park. Conductor wears a uniform, hat with two insignias in the front, metal buttons, white shirt, tie. Music stand with music booklet. Musicians playing horn-type of instruments. Crowd made up of men and women gather around the musicians. A person is shining the shoe of a man. Man in a suit sits and reads newspaper. Is smoking a cigarette with a cigarette-holder. Small dark glasses. Bow tie and white shirt. Man reading a newspaper. Truck with logo "GENERAL" on a highway, arrives at a factory plant with the title "GENERAL" at the entrance. Assembly line of crackers (food). Women in white uniforms with white caps at assembly line. Woman packaging medicines. Car assembly plant. Body of a "Plaza" car model. Men hammering a car part. Car factory with many cars in different stages of construction. Rows of cars in assembly line. View of the city. Four tall chimneys emitting smoke. Factory buildings under construction. Cement truck with logo "NADO" arriving at a construction site. Fingers flipping local currency rolls. View of buildings of "Banco Mercantil Agricola," "Banco Union Sucursal del Este," "Banco de Venezuela." Building with black greek-style columns. Tiles on walls. Construction site. Machine carrying liquid cement. Men pushing wheel barrows carrying stones, tilt wheel barrow and pour contents on the ground. Men wear straw hats. Workman digging a ditch fro a highway. Little houses in the back. Wooden sacks with cement on the ground. Wooden ladder leaning against building. Lots of modern buildings, in areas with little trees, and lots of cement. University campus. Couple walking through the gardens, surrounded by modern architecture. Men is a class, sitting at a long table, studying Industrial Technology. Man using a microscope. Men working with various types of ceramic materials. Large cylinder tubes. Small cylinders. Men at a lab, wooden table in the center, wooden tables with sinks against the walls. Beakers. Children in school ground playing at a circle dance. Inside a class room, 8-10 year olds writing. Teacher at the head of class room asks a boy to go up to the black-board and draw a tree. Teacher is a young woman. Poster on top of the black-board with 6 scenes of Caracas. Poster of body parts. Colorful table cloth with designs and fringes on the table. Men by a highway plating a tree. Man on motorbike. Street lamp with four bulbs. Nine storey building. Hillside around town. Man carries a pole with a sharp point and a young tree. Farming estate. Tractor ploughing land. View of the hills at the back. Highway, tunnel. Trucks carrying produce. Market. Fresh tomatoes. Lots of people buying. Crowded market square. Weighing scale brand "Bizeckba". Man weighs produce. Shop filled with goods. High ceilings. Lots of clients. Soap, baskets, grain. Rolls of fabrics along the walls.

Inside a supermarket. Large cash machine, operated manually. Cash machine operators wear a white uniform. Shanty town on a hill. Houses made of brick, half-finished. Two 15 floor buildings, 14 windows across. Clothes hanging from windows at the foot of a hill. Lots of high rises next to each other.

Bells ring. Street scene. Church clock tells the time: 12 noon. Whistle blows, indicating the end of the work day and work week. It is Saturday. Men in shirts leave a building.

People at a bus station. Sign inside a bus "HEINEKEN". Bus conductor with suit accepts pay for ticket. Congested traffic in a small street. 8 buses. Sign "LONGINES". Police blows whistle to indicate cars may move ahead. Restaurant. Boy walks through the restaurant offering lottery ticket for sale. Woman in a dirty apartment brings soup to a table.

Workmen eat from bag lunch, packed in white paper. They unwrap lunch. Children in school have lunch from metal containers. Man sitting by a metal frame, glass table overlooking the city. Picks up a newspaper on the table. Man reads newspaper. Woman home takes off black belt and lies down on couch for a siesta. Woman takes off necklace. Man in pajamas lies down in bed. Older woman lies down on sun chair in garden terrace. Woman has a fan in her hand and she uses it. Workers drill ground. Young man and two young women get into a car, no roof. Women wear big earrings. Amusement park, rides with vehicles attached to metal poles. Spokes move up and down. Child walking with several balloons in hand. Children eating ice-cream in flying saucer. Children coming down a slide. Jockeys riding horses race. Solo modern dance on wooden floor. Men playing tennis, boys playing basketball in a public court, men playing "petanca". Soccer game, baseball game. People in small cars in amusement park. Bells ringing, clock marks 6pm. Street lights go on. Orchestra plays. Water fountain lit at night. Young man looking at himself in the mirror, buttoning his top shirt button. Young girl in black long dress, off the shoulder, sits at a dressing table, and brushes her hair. Silver and crystal pieces on the table. Young man puts on a bow-tie. Night scenes. Signs "BRONCO", "General", "Ford" "POLAR". Dancing couples at a house. Four men at a table outside make a toast with their glasses. Cameraman of Channel 2 Radio Caracas TV moves camera away from a woman who is cooking in a kitchen. She wears an apron. "Hotel Tamanaco" building. Restaurant. People having dinner, drinking. People dancing to live music. Bar. Man playing small guitar. Boxing match. Sign "Media Jarra Caracas !Pruebela Ahora!." Man jumps on to the back of another man in the ring. Both in a type of bathing suit. "The inhabitants do not live to enjoy life but solely to ____ it." Construction workers working at night. Youth attending a math class at night. Long wooden tables. Men and women writing down. Woman at the black board is the teacher. Posters of birds above black board. Newspaper print plant. Newspaper rolling on rolls. Folded newspaper on conveyor belt. Men operating machines. Man leaves a building at night, stops by a street food vendor. Vendor pours coffee. Other men are drinking coffee by this stand. "City Club" sign in lights. Little boy walking at night showing that he has a lottery ticket to sell for tomorrow. He is by himself. Night scene in Caracas.

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