Film: 369

Places + Locations | 1920 | Silent | B/W


Various shots of Japanese life in the 1920s

Kyoto, Japan features a number of times. A large crowd of Japanese school children (with adults) in traditional and western dress (the majority of Japanese in this film are dressed traditionally) pass before camera on a tree-lined road. The children at Nara Park playing with deer in a fenced wooded area. Japanese men walking back and forth on plank that is swinging back and forth too (looks very dangerous). Deer being fed by woman in Nava Park.

Street scenes in Kyoto, Japan: street lined with three story houses. Banners adorn houses. A westerner (Dr Dorsy) with a Japanese family on the shores of a Japanese, ornamental lake. Female servant filling bucket with water from well. Exterior of large Japanese house with children playing on porch. Interior of Japanese guest chamber, very little furniture, a few partitions in the room. Crowd of Japanese people caught in a panning shot. A Japanese woman with umbrella and child strapped to her back. Men chopping wood at the wood merchants. Panning shot of a rice field within the city of Kyoto, Japan. People threshing rice by hand and hanging it on frames. The House Lane: short panning shot of Japanese houses. Garden of Kirikaka - J and the Holden Pavilion. ( I think it’s the "Golden Pavilion" even though the title says Holden ! )

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